September 2008

Down to business in Philly

Braun01 copy.jpg
Here we are in Philadelphia and everything from Sunday to now is just a blur. The whole day Sunday was really exciting, totally nerve-wracking, and it was so weird showing up to the ballpark for a game and not knowing if we were going to be staying in Milwaukee, going to New York or going to Philadelphia. None of us had any idea where we were headed or what was going to happen ahead of us.

The game that day against the Cubs, obviously, was extremely tense, extremely dramatic. And then even when we won, we had to wait for the Mets and Marlins. Watching that game, to me, was more nerve-wracking than playing our game. It’s hard to watch something that you have no control over and has such a huge effect on our future. It was obviously exciting when the Mets lost and we clinched the Wild Card.

Then, it was just mayhem.

It was extremely hectic and wild for the next two hours. We were celebrating, doing interviews, getting our itinerary and figuring out what the next two days would hold for us. We stayed there for a while — I probably didn’t leave Miller Park until 8 p.m. because we were hanging out and enjoying it and talking about the year. Then we went home and got changed and went out downtown to this place called Martini Mike’s with the whole team. Mark Attanasio, our owner, came out and there were a bunch of fans in there. We just had a good time celebrating, drinking, dancing. It was cool that the fans were there because getting to the postseason is a big deal for us, but those people have been through 26 years. Now they can be proud of their hometown team, proud of Milwaukee. That means as much to us players as anything else. I had grown men coming up to me, crying, and telling me what it meant to them and their family. That put it in perspective a lot.

Still, I didn’t really have an opportunity to reflect on what we just accomplished until Monday morning. Between doing interviews and celebrating, all of the champagne and beer, it wasn’t until I watched SportsCenter, looked at the Internet and read the papers that I understood what a big accomplishment it was for us. Then we went to the rally event down at Summerfest on Monday night and it totally exceeded what any of us though it would be. It felt like we just won the World Series.

We’re excited to have this chance. We have always been able to keep things in perspective and to understand that part of being a young team is being inconsistent. Because of that, it’s been an up-and-down year, but when we’re going good, we can be as good as any team in baseball.