Down to business in Philly

Braun01 copy.jpg
Here we are in Philadelphia and everything from Sunday to now is just a blur. The whole day Sunday was really exciting, totally nerve-wracking, and it was so weird showing up to the ballpark for a game and not knowing if we were going to be staying in Milwaukee, going to New York or going to Philadelphia. None of us had any idea where we were headed or what was going to happen ahead of us.

The game that day against the Cubs, obviously, was extremely tense, extremely dramatic. And then even when we won, we had to wait for the Mets and Marlins. Watching that game, to me, was more nerve-wracking than playing our game. It’s hard to watch something that you have no control over and has such a huge effect on our future. It was obviously exciting when the Mets lost and we clinched the Wild Card.

Then, it was just mayhem.

It was extremely hectic and wild for the next two hours. We were celebrating, doing interviews, getting our itinerary and figuring out what the next two days would hold for us. We stayed there for a while — I probably didn’t leave Miller Park until 8 p.m. because we were hanging out and enjoying it and talking about the year. Then we went home and got changed and went out downtown to this place called Martini Mike’s with the whole team. Mark Attanasio, our owner, came out and there were a bunch of fans in there. We just had a good time celebrating, drinking, dancing. It was cool that the fans were there because getting to the postseason is a big deal for us, but those people have been through 26 years. Now they can be proud of their hometown team, proud of Milwaukee. That means as much to us players as anything else. I had grown men coming up to me, crying, and telling me what it meant to them and their family. That put it in perspective a lot.

Still, I didn’t really have an opportunity to reflect on what we just accomplished until Monday morning. Between doing interviews and celebrating, all of the champagne and beer, it wasn’t until I watched SportsCenter, looked at the Internet and read the papers that I understood what a big accomplishment it was for us. Then we went to the rally event down at Summerfest on Monday night and it totally exceeded what any of us though it would be. It felt like we just won the World Series.

We’re excited to have this chance. We have always been able to keep things in perspective and to understand that part of being a young team is being inconsistent. Because of that, it’s been an up-and-down year, but when we’re going good, we can be as good as any team in baseball.


First comment on your blog! Glad to have you on board! Go Brew Crew (and who ever else beats the Phillies)!


First off I am a Met fan and have to give my congratulations to you and your team. It was a great race but we just came up short to a better team.

Right now your my pick for NL MVP. I saw the way you carried your team through a tough slump back to the playoffs and in my opinion, that is the definition of an MVP.

Best of luck in the NLDS and beyond.

Wow. You have always been a favorite of mine and it’s really nice you have a playoff blog. I am still kinda mad at you for taking away the Mets chances. But now you can beat the Phillies! I am really excited to hear what you have to say and watch you all month.
Good Luck!

Congratulations to you, your teammates and the city of Milwaukee!! As an Indians fan since the 80’s – I know how big this is!! You’ve got a great, exciting young team over there, you’ve got CC on your side and you guys can do big things!
Best of luck against the Phils and beyond, I’m pulling for you guys!!


I have literally waited a lifetime to see the Brewers in the playoffs. I saw Robin Yount hit his 3000th, and even though he’s still my all-time favorite Brewer, your grand slam probably meant more to me. At that moment, I knew the postseason was at hand for the first time in my life. Thanks to you and the rest of the boys for everything you’ve accomplished this season. You have all made this city crazy-proud (and just plain crazy!). I’m very much looking forward to putting a NL Pennant up next to my ’82 AL one this year! Congrats! Go Brewers!

Keep it goin Ryan
U guys look great out there
Win one for Milwaukee
Hey Lou: We’ll see you in the NLCs

After the up and downs that this season brought, the inconsistency of pitching, and a new manager with 2(6) weeks left, watching the rest of that Mets game with you guys and 30,000 Brewer fans was enough to make a 28 year old man cry like a 2 year old. I was not old enough to fathom what was going on in ’82, and you know how much the rest of Milwaukee was starving for this.
You, C.C., Prince, everyone has gone through hell this year. Like a true leader you stepped up after that Boston series and rallied the troops after falling flat. We got swept at home by the Cubs, and came back to have the best August in the history of the franchise. A record of 3-11 and the losing the only manager you have ever played for in the bigs and somehow you guys still muster up enough energy to hit some of the biggest home runs of the year in the last 2 weeks. What the hell am I telling you the story for? You lived it…
Anyway, I just want to thank you for a great year. It has been, well, crazy… exhilarating… insert your verb here. All you guys should hold your heads high after doing what only 8 teams get to experience in a year. Believe me,everyone in this town is in complete euphoria, shock, and just all around chaos waiting to see you guys bring it again tomorrow at 2…
Best of luck and I can’t wait to be watching another Brewers champaign shower this weekend at the keg

Ryan Braun, you are incredible. I can’t even put into words how i felt when I saw that ball leave your bat on Sunday.
I’m 21 years old, so i haven’t had the whole 26 years of suffering, but i’ve been a huge brewer fan for as long as I remember. I live 20 minutes from Green Bay and i’m more passionate about the crew than i am the Pack. I’m proud to admit that I was tearing up after the game, and i still tear up everytime i see the highlight of you crushing that ball. thank you for all you’ve done for the franchise, and I can’t wait to watch you vault into the record books over the course of the next 7 years!

It has been a hard year for me as I moved (way too close to Wrigley Field) to Chicago from Milwaukee. After a summer filled with frustrating Cubs traffic on my commute home from work most evenings and annoying Cubs fans hanging their “W” flags out their windows, I just wanted to be back in Milwaukee around people who understood that real tailgating includes burgers, brats, and Miller Lite (NOT Bud…) The Crew pulled through for me, and just in time, since I am moving back (ironically right next to Martini Mikes!) to Milwaukee with a new job next week!
I will finally be around my fellow Brew Crew fans, most of who were not even born in ’82 but have always dreamed that a playoff season would soon arrive… so THANK YOU! Braun, you’re amazing, and we need you to keep it up in these final games throughout October! You guys are truly “The Best Brew Crew Since ’82!!” LET’S GO BREWERS!!!

Just having moved from Madison, WI, I was the proud, lone Brewers fan watching the big game in a sports bar in Santa Barbara, California. You made me proud to be a part of the Brew Crew! What an accomplishment and so glad we have you for many seasons to come! Good luck tomorrow!

Wow. This past week has been amazing. You have been amazing. I am in love with this team and cannot tell you how happy I am that you guys are in the playoffs! This Brewer team really has the kwan – the chemistry, the heart, the love – whatever you want to call it. I can feel it every time I come to Miller Park and watch a game. Just hold onto that magic and you guys will be unstoppable!! Good luck! I can’t wait to watch you in the World Series!

Congrats, Ryan! Make the NL Central proud!

Ryan, thanks for writing this blog, but more importantly, thanks for committing to the Milwaukee Brewers for the long term. That means a lot to the entire state of Wisconsin and all Brewers fans wherever they may be.

I moved to Wisconsin in 1981 and have been a Brew Crew backer since. It’s been a long time since we had October baseball…some years were so bad Bob Eucker was the best thing about the team! I still love Bob, but the team is so exciting now, it’s amazing!

I’m a published author about web design. If you ever want a web site give me a shout — no charge for you!

Thanks again for all you do for us fans,


Congratulations Ryan! And of course congrats to the rest of the Brew Crew. True team leaders make the big hit when it’s needed most. You did it TWICE this past week. It seemed impossible for anything to match the performance CC put up for this team this season, but you did it this past week. There would be no hope of playoffs without CC, but your performance vaulted the Brewers into the reality. Thank you so much. For the excitement, for the talent, for the respectability of you all. Please know, that all the way in Hawaii there are fans pulling for you and hanging on every moment. Go get that title for Milwaukee!

My close friend in Milwaukee said your homer on Sunday was his best Brewer moment of all time. – What you did will not soon be forgotten. Feel free to do it a few more times in October. 🙂

Congrats Ryan! I have to say that Sunday was the culmination of a ton of emotions for this long time Brewers fan! Watching you guys refuse to let the dream of the postseason slip away in the final two weeks was a real treat. I have listend to Bob’s call of your home run on Sunday an unimaginable amount of times…..and it will never get old!

You have to admit that you couldn’t have written the script for this thing better. Cheers to making that a small chapter in what’s to come! Good luck today and Thursday, and I will see you guys at Miller Park Saturday!

I have a friend who is a major Crew fan that was barely one back in 82′. I could never really describe the feelings or the atmosphere in Milwaukee when the Brewers made it to the postseason. Thanks to you and the rest of the team, he is getting to experience it first hand! Keep it up guys, we are so proud of you!


I’m glad I was able to stumble across this blog. This is the first time in my life that I’ve seen the Crew make it into the playoffs and all of us are high on it.

We’re rooting for you today as always. I can only imagine the kind of pressure you must feel right now. I just want to let you know that I am carrying a heavy burden today as well. With the games these past few days and the rally in Milwaukee, I’ve slipped a little on my studies and today I am studying like mad crazy for two exams tomorrow. Got a long day of work and class ahead too. No matter, I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for participating in the celebrations.

You all hold a very special place in my heart and I am so proud that the Crew is my team.

I was at the game on Thursday when you hit your grand slam; undeniably the most amazing thing I’ve seen thus far.

From one Ryan to another I wish you all the luck and blessings. By the way, I was that crazy **** at the rally waving the light blue old school flag in the center ecstatically. Peace brother

You remind me of Ken Griffey Jr. from the right side of the plate with that swing of yours and the power you possess.

Many congratulations for the ROY last year, contributing to your team this year and for the MANY votes you will receive in the MVP balloting this year and the hopes your team goes far in the playoffs and beyond.

Your ownership was smart last year tying you into a long term contract.

I was in the ESPN HR Derby news conference at the Grand Hyatt this year and was impressed by the way you handled the crowd when you left the room. Walking and talking and signing the autographs for your fans was impressive for a young player while some of your fellow participants dashed straight to the elevators and ditched the fans. Then in the Derby you did very well.

After 1 1/2 years in the Bigs, I think they all know who you are now and if they don’t—-they don’t follow MLB baseball!

Good luck! Andrew

Have a great postseason! You guys have so many great players and I think you can go deep. I can’t wait to see how the playoffs fold out!

I’m sure that no one can really express the gratitude we as fans feel towards you and the rest of the team. Even as rough as September was, you guys hung in there and made an amazing comeback. The team had all our support through the highs and lows, and you definitely will have it through the high of the post season.

I for one am so excited to see the brewers FINALLY get into the playoffs, and I can’t wait to see how far you guys can take it. I wish you and the Brewers the best of luck! And thanks for a great season!


Mr. Braun.

The fans of the milwaukee brewers owe this 2008 team a great deal of thanks for the epic and exciting season you have blessed us with this past year. I’ve been a brewer fan since i was able to say the word brewers and have been here through all the ups and downs. This up makes up for all the 22 years ive been alive and then some. We are blessed to have players like you, prince, jj, corey, and all the wonderful players we have come to love.

Good luck in the post season

ill sport the number 8 til the very end

Gregory Kamm
Whitewater, wi

Thank you and your teamates for an absolutely incredible year. You guys have been fun to watch and we are excited to see you go far in the playoffs.
GO CREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan (and the rest of the Brewers): Thank you, thank you, thank you. 10/10/1982 was my 16th birthday (sweet 16), and one of the happiest days of my life because that is the day that the Brewers won the ALCS. I vividly remember watching Cecil Cooper getting the game winning hit against the Angels. Now, I’m 41 and I have more great memories. But, this time I didn’t have to watch it on television. I can say that I was there. I was there when you hit your grand slam (Sec. 219, Row 3), I was there when Rickie Weeks and your team beat the Cubs on Friday (Sec. 112, Row 8), I was there on Saturday when Ted Lilly gave the Brewers fits (Sec. 212, Row 17), and I was there when you and your team won the NL Wild Card (Sec. 130, Row 12). This may not be so impressive until you add the fact that I live in Albany County, New York, and I drove from there to Milwaukee to be there for the final four games. The trip was one of the greatest times of my life. Thank you. Believe me… being a long-time Brewers fan in New York State has not been easy, until NOW. Best wishes always, and Beat the Phillies!

Todd McIntyre
Green Island, NY

Hebrew Hammer:

I am a Brewer fan living in Chicago. Year after year I deal with Cubs fans ripping on the team that I have loved since birth (’85), and year after year I have said, “I guess next year will be our year.” It is great to know that those two things won’t have to be said anymore or at least for awhile.

I am extremely proud to watch you guys play, not just because of your guys’ talent, but because you are good guys. Jeff Bagwell is my all-time favorite ballplayer, but you are my favorite active player because of your talent and how you are as a person. Not to mention, you are the most well spoken player that I have ever listened to [give interviews]. Tell your parents I said, “Congratulations” for raising you so well. You and the rest of the Brewers seem like a bunch of down-to-earth guys with good hearts, contrast to other players/teams with big ego’s and big contracts.

Thanks for being a sense of hope to the tainted game of baseball.

Rick Holmquist

I was the game at Wrigley when Yovani was injured and you hit the double that lead to the winning runs. After that I saw or read an interview where you said that you love to be in those situations.

Sunday was another one of those, wasn’t it? It was awesome. I’ve lived in Milwaukee my entire life (nearly 30 years) and I’ve waited for this for what seems like forever. Our current Crew is very talented and I have high hopes for this post season however above all, I really hope you guys just have FUN!!!! I love watching you guys play when you’re having fun and putting in 100%, win or lose, just make it look to us that you’re having fun and we’ll enjoy it right along with you.

But winning it all would be great awesome too!

Hey Ryan. Congrats to you and the rest of the boys! You guys have had an incredible year and it still hasn’t sunk in all the way (even for me) that you guys have gotten to the post season. It’s just surreal, but amazing and definitely deserved and earned! I was six years in the making when the Brewers last got there, so obviously I can’t say what it must have felt like for those fans who have waited, but as a fan in general, it was the best baseball game I have EVER had the pleasure of watching. Thanks, boys!

You have no idea how tense it’s been in my family this season. All of my family are Cubs fans and I’m really the only Brewer. lol So give ’em hell in Philly and kick the Cubs a– if you get the chance!! 😉


My 11 year old son Andy is one of your greatest fans. Because of you and the entire Brewer’s team my wait is over. It took 11 years for my son to become a Baseball fan like his mom. It is so much fun to share my enthusiasm with him. He now want’s to be a major league baseball player and I couldn’t be more excited. Thank you. I was there for your grand slam-It was probably the most exciting baseball moment I have ever been a part of-Thank you. I wish Andy could have been there. Good Luck to you and the whole team in Phillie. We will be back here in Wisconsin waiting for the next party. GO CREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kimberly, WI


Thank you for all your hard work and committment to the team. As a former ballplayer, I know what it takes to stay committed through losing streaks and hitless streaks.

I lived in Milwaukee until I was 15 years old, now I live in VA. I missed the celebration at the Martini Mike’s so I held my own here in VA. If the team can make it to NLCS, I’m flying up to celebrate.

Something awesome is about to happen…

I am so excited for you guys! You’re an awesome player and a great guy, and I’m looking forward to more homers from you in these vital games – maybe another grand slam?

Good luck and go get ’em Brauny!

Congrats Ryan! I was in first grade in ’82 and I remember Rod Carew of the Angels grounding out to Robin Yount for the final out of the ALCS to send the Crew into the series with the Cardinals. Milwaukee has waited a long time for this, and I tell you, nothing gives me the chills quite like your home run against the Cubs, it brings me to tears just to think about it! That moment I will never forget! Hard work always pays off, that’s what makes Milwaukee such a special place full of successful blue and white collar types, Gary Sheffields of the world need not apply. Your hard work as a young athlete is appreciated and contagious, the Crew and this town is blessed to have you. Thanks! BG

Go get ’em, Ryan. The members of Engine Company 27/Truck 5 on Milwaukee’s East Side are pulling for you. Stop in at the firehouse some time. kev

Hey Hammer!
I was born in Milwaukee in ’82 the last time The Crew went to the playoffs. I live in Oklahoma City now, and had to come back for the last 4 games. I got to see the walk-off grand slam, and the 2-run homer on Sunday brought me to tears because I knew it was our time. My grandfather used to take me to the games with him all the time many years ago. He passed away a few years back from cancer and I never got to celebrate a Brewer post season with him until Sunday. My grandmother said he’s sreamin’ at the TV in heaven because you guys did it!
The Brewers have made the city a bunch of winners. I know the ultimate goal is to win the World Series, but to the people as long as you make the postseason and play hard they’re happy.
You guys got what it takes to win it all go get ’em, and thanks for everything!!!

Just wanted to say thanks to you and the Crew for making this such an exciting season. Sunday was my son’s birthday and we had about 20 people here cheering you guys on. Cheering for you now too, as I have it on the television! Good Luck and let’s keep up the momentum


Congratulations on making it to the post season! This has been quite the exciting year for you, first the All-Star Game and now the post season. I wasn’t a baseball fan until this season. A friend of mine pointed out how incredibly good-looking you are. It’s not often you find the looks and the talent in one package. You’re girlfriend is very fortunate. Congrats again!

i happen to have a ryan braun fan site(: the most succesful on myspace:

if ryan braun reads these comments…ADD THAT SITE^^^^
i’d really appreciate it cuz i do a lot to get all your biggest fans together! 🙂
and hope to see you in the world series!

Hey Ryan,

Been a fan of Milwaukee baseball since the Braves days. Now I’m enjoying the Brewers success with my 21 year old daughter who thinks you’re the greatest! I spent Sunday afternoon at her new apartment in Sun Prairie. She doesn’t have cable so with were listening to Bob and Jim on the radio. I was driving her nuts with my pacing as the game wore on and when you went yard in the 8th I thought I’d broken a couple of her ribs I hugged her so hard! Thanks for all you’ve done to make us PROUD to back the Crew! Go Brewers Go!

This is the first year that I’ve really become interested in the Brewers, and it’s mostly because of you. I know I’m not like most of the people on here, who have been fans since ’82, but that’s mostly because I’m only 13. If you ask anybody about me, even if they don’t know me that well, one of the first things they’ll tell you is that I love Ryan Braun. I just wanted to say congratulations to you on this amazing accomplishment. My family has season tickets, so we come to Miller Park pretty often. We went to all of the games the weekend you guys played the Cubs and won the Wildcard, and I actually lost my voice a little because I was screaming so much during the Wildcard game, especially when you hit the home run and when CC got the double play to end the game. I just wish I could have been there Thursday when you hit the grand slam. You are truly an inspiration, as a person (and as a baseball player, obviously, but I don’t play baseball) especially because I know that you’ll never quit and you’ll always keep trying.


Ryan, I love watching your mental preparations and your routine during your “at bat” and preparing for the game. You mental toughness and how something deep within you rises up like a wild best in the face of the biggest challenges is inspiring. Love your humility – it’s a sign of a great leader.

Hey Ryan,
Almost forgot,I was at the game where you grand slammed it.AWESOME Brother!Lets keep the memories going.

You rock man. You and your boys are a class act ball club.
No matter what, you guys have busted your tails to get to where you are today and THAT my friend is what makes a True Crew Fan proud. We love you guys because of your hard work and dedication to the game. We love you guys because you go out for every game like it’s your last, even if it’s truely not how you feel, you never let that show through.
While it’s great nostalgia to reflect on ’82 and to say Brewtown needs this after 26 years, it’s the wish of the true fan to be in the now and want OUR team of the 2008 season go to the top. The team we have all fallen for. The team we love. The team we will support no matter what.
You guys are legends in the making.
I give you all great credit for maintaining your composure while under such immense pressure. Your minds must be reeling from everything that has happened in the last few weeks. Take a deep breath, let it out, and enjoy the ride…and thanks for taking us with you!
Good Luck and give the boys a HI-5 for me! ~Jp~ True Crew Fan for Life!~ ………………………….got Braun?

One more thing…your walk-off grand slam was THE most profound baseball moment that I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing!!!! I never thought baseball would make me cry and well, wouldn’t you know it, that did it for me!
Bo Sox are winning game 1 right now and what the F&@%# is up with Youkilis’s bating stance!!!!!! LOL I guess what ever works right?! 😉


You guys are the bomb! I am so proud to be a Brewer’s fan. I live in Orlando, FL and every where I go I see New York Yankees signs, hats and shirts. When I where my Brewers hat and shirt, I almost always get some comment. But I hold my head proud because the Brewers deserve to be proud. Thanks for everything you guys are loved even in the land of The Yankee’s and Mickey Mouse!

Orlando, FL

I have been a Brewers fan all of my life and I have never been more proud to be one. This season has been a little crazy but insanly awesome. All of the comeback wins and walk off homeruns… all anyone can say is wow. I can tell from what you wrote that you understand how much going to the playoffs means to the fans. Win or lose the Brewer fans will always be behind you guys( I know that I will).

I have been a Brew Crew fan since the team came to Milwaukee and even when it was unpopular to admit it. You and the team have renewed hope and instilled a new pride. Thank you for your commitment and earnest. It does this old broad’s heart good!

Julie R.
Madison, WI


Keep up the good work and thanks to you and the rest of the team for a great season! Watching game 2 right now of the NLDS from the tiny island of Tinian(near Guam)but wish i could be back in my hometown!

Tinian-Mariana Islands

My daughter is currently in school in St. Louis, she said it isn’t any fun down there because no one cares that the Brewers are in the playoffs. She is taking the early am bus from St. Louis to Milwaukee tonight just so she can experience Milwaukee during the playoffs

Keep up the hard work, we are glad that you will be with us for many years to come.


I want to thank you for everything you’ve done throughout the past year. The Brewers would not have been the team they are this year without you. Right away you started out the season playing tremendous, and i knew right away in April it was going to be a great year for Milwaukee fans. You yourself really stepped it up when we needed you the last week of the regular season hitting some pretty huge homeruns, in fact i dont think i’ve ever cried so hard over a game before as i did Sunday when you hit that homer in the 8th to take the lead against the Cubs. Again, Ryan, I just want to thank you for giving so much to the team. You really make it fun to watch and I’m so glad you’ll be staying with us for a while! Good luck in the post season!

Hey Ryan,
We do need to get the bats going because I think maybe it was just one too many times for CC to pitch on three days rest.But we have a great team and we’re coming home to Miller Park so , I think the crew will be ok.Remember the ’82 crew came back to beat the Orioles being two games down and I couldn’t think of a better Brewers Crew to do the same.
Good Luck Ryan,God Bless and see you on saturday at the ball park.
Andrew in Milwaukee

Ryan Braun!

Okay, I was at the game on September 23 when you played the Pirates and Prince hit his walk-off. Before the game started you and Hart were playing catch. I was down by the Dugout taking pictures of you and when you were walking into the dugout i held up a sign saying : BREWERS FINEST #08 RYAN BRAUN. You winked at me and threw me the ball. I know you probally dont remeber that, but that is one of the best things that has happened in my whole life!

I just wanted to thank you!
– Your one of my favorites! 🙂

Thank You,
Olivia in Hortonville!

Hi Ryan,

Come spring training, try to get Prince to field a grounder that comes right at him to get down on a knee and get that big body in front of it as we were taught in LITTLE LEAGUE, instead of letting it go between his legs.

i am a met fan. i think u r a good baseball player. you probably going to win MVP this year. good luck against philly. hope u beat them.


Oh my godd!!! i am ur BIGGEST FAN!!!!!! I loveee the Brewers and have poters of you and everything!!! for halloween i was even a Ryan Braun cheeerleader!!! =D

I was always a little bit intersted in baseball i didn’t quite pay attention to the Brewers. My dad lovessss baseball he watches allll of the games. Once i saw you hit a the first couple days i went “WHO IS THAT!” my dad went “oh, thats Ryan Braun he’s our new rookie” after watching you a bit i got wayyyyy more interseted in baseball. This last year i watched almost every game!!! I payed attention to EVRYTHING. I now even write in my planner ‘ryan brauns first game’ (may 25th 2007) ryan brauns b-day (November 17th) HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!

I got so intersted in my spare time i started looking you up on the internet. i gotta say the two best days in my life were probably the day you got a walk-off homerun and tht AWESOME GRAND-SLAM!!!!!!!!!!! =D =D =D I was hysterical and couldnt stop smilng and jumping up and down for at least 20 minutes!!!

I gotta say at first i was a yankees fan, only because my mom WAS a fan. so thank you Ryan for really getting me interested in baseball and giving me a different view of it!!!! You made it one of those things that always brings a smile to my face. WE CAN DO IT NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE you!!!!!! whooo GO BREWERS

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