Time to switch things up

I am sorry to announce to the world that I’m superstitious. Therefore, I have no choice but to put the blog on hold while we get this thing turned around.

What else could it be? I fully blame the blog for the fact that we’re losing. Clearly, the blog is responsible for all of our offensive struggles. If I weren’t doing the blog, there’s no question that we would be up, two games to none in this series, instead of down. I can’t let this go on another day.

I’m kidding, of course. Sort of. But it’s time to switch things up a little bit. When we win these next three games and get into the NLCS, I promise to get the blog going again. That’s our little incentive for making it happen.
In all seriousness, though, I have to say how much we appreciate everyone who has been following along and cheering us on this season. The fans make a huge difference and we’re all looking forward to playing in front of the home crowd tomorrow night to get back on track. Until then, no more blogging for me. 


That’s actually quite hilarious Ryan.

You’re gonna win, no doubt. You’ll be at home and we’ll be cheering you on!

I’m superstitious too Ryan. That’s why I’ve taken my game worn, autographed Ned Yost Cerveceros jersey to every game since I got it (it was there Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday last week)..along with our rally towels from Prince’s walk off homer and your walk off grand slam..along with my magic pencil with which I keep score for every game I go to. I always wear my lucky earrings and my lucky necklace and I NEVER wear any Brewers attire because you guys have lost EVERY time I’ve worn a Brewers jersey or tshirt to the game, so I just stick with a blue or white shirt. So, yeah, I think it’s a good idea to quit the blogging for a little while. Gotta change things up when they’re not working anymore!

We’re gonna rock the house tomorrow night Ryan! With us, all our superstitions and the Miller Park magic, you guys can’t lose! Looking forward to the celebration tomorrow night! Go Brewers!!

You guys are going all the way! I’ll be there cheering you on as well as the rest of the State. Way to make us proud!

mets fan?

nice grammar by the way exmurderer. this just proves YOU’RE (used correctly) and IDIOT!!

oops.. i made a mistake too, but mine was a typo, not of result of being an idiot..

GO BREWERS!!! see you at miller park tomorrow Ryan! i’m ready to loose my voice again, just like i did when you hit the grand slam against the pirates.

p.s. – loose, that was a joke.

Make it happen, you guys can do it! Go Brewers!!!

Keep on keepin on man.

Let’s Go Brew Crew!

I’ll be looking forward to your next post.
Let’s Go Brewers!

Aw, I’m bummed that we won’t get to here your words of wisdom for a few days (at least until you boys win). 😉 But hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Bring it home, Braun & Co.!

Hey Ryan 🙂 As the mother of 3 young men who all played little league through college baseball, I can only imagine how proud your mom must be !! I’ve sat many a game cheering,encouraging+also praying for a win many times. I’ve been a HUGE Brewer fan for many years and have followed this journey thru good times and not so good. I will always be one of The Milwaukee Brewers biggest cheerleaders!! You’re all like my kids. Tell Dave Bush to see the glove+ just play catch with Jason, and don’t worry about the base runners, Jason will take care of them. As for the rest of the team… be in the game, see the ball, be patient at the plate,and most of all… play like you’ve never played before !! I’ll be praying for angels in the outfield, angels in the infield and the BEST game of your lives until the next two games which will surpass the 1st. I believe in you guys !! And always remember to have FUN !! Wish I could be at Miller Park tomorrow, but I don’t have a ticket, I’m trying to get one for Sunday though, because I KNOW there will be a game Sunday !! Hugzz to all of you !! ~ Always one of your biggest fans… ~Barbie-Brewer~

Ryan – You are a shining star and a great asset to the Brew Crew. I am in Nashville and an avid Sounds fan. My 10 & 12 year old sons are watching every game (MLB Pkg. on cable) and cheering for you in particular!!! I am thrilled to see the growth and skills you guys have shown! Remember to pray a quick one at the plate – it’s all good – win or lose. But mother wit says you’ll be just fine; a victory is eminent. BEST WISHES for an October filled with baseball for the Crew! Great season regardless!!! CONGRATULATIONS.
Baseball Mom in TN

You’re hilarious! I can definitely understand the superstitiousness though. We’re all looking forward to the win tomorrow night!

Go get ’em Brauntosaurus!


You’re a trip!
I can’t wait for the game!
It’s going to be great!!!
The fans are going to be INSANE that’s all I have to say!!!
Good luck – HI-5 the boys and let’s play some ball!!!!

Hey Ryan,
My name is Matt and I am a huge fan. I was at the home opener when Villanueva threw a good game against the Giants. Then I got deployed for the entire summer. I just got back last week, and I am happy to say I was able to be there on Sunday to watch your HUGE dinger in the eighth. That win, CC’s huge performance, your homer, and the Mets loss all added up to be the greatest event I have ever witnessed. I kept up on the scores and watched the games when I could this summer over in the desert. Thanks for a great season. You hit the nail on the head, it is nice for the fans to be proud of Milwaukee baseball again. I’ll thank you for the great season again in a couple weeks after you guys are done playing. It sure as hell won’t be tomorrow.

i know you guys can do it! Milwaukee is gonna be there in full force cheering you on. its great to have the brewers in the playoffs. Im a huge fan and extremely passionate about brewers baseball and i know you guys can get this done. good luck. GO BREWERS GO!!! Oh and thanks for signing my ball at the rally it meant the world to me Ryan (cuz i got that one from you)

It is your time to shine…you have brought us all an exciting season and we are appreciative for it. I will be praying for a 3 game win streak…Go Brewers!

Dear Ryan,

I understand your superstitions and am glad to see you being proactive regarding them. I would like to help too if I can. If you have any bad mojo items that you need to get rid of, I’d be happy to help. For instance any bad luck game worn jersey I could have encapsulated in protective plexiglass and wood (framed) and heavily guarded in my home. Any bobble heads giving you the stink-eye in the clubhouse?? I could take those off your hands too. We are avid fans cheering you all the way. Strike 2 of your grand slam at bat landed 5 seats away from us. We were so excited to witness your first career grand slam. Good luck today (and the rest of October). And remember we are here to take those bad luck items out of Miller Park for you. Send them to section 325 seats 6 & 7. We’ll be there. —–Allen & Kelly Beck


That’s section 325, row 1, seats 6 & 7. We are here for you. ——Allen & Kelly Beck


I hear you. as a former player in the minors I too was supersticious. We will be cheering U on from section 230. talk to U again in the NLCS. GO BREWERS GO CANES.

Hey Ryan!
Congrats to you and the entire team for a great season – you guys worked hard and deserved it!
I have been a huge Brewers fan since I was a little girl living in Milwaukee. You guys have made me and the entire state of Wisconsin so proud!
Although I now live just a short drive north of your old stomping ground (Go CANES!!), I still follow and cheer for the Brewers religiously!
Good luck today — FOCUS — TAKE MORE pitches and lay off that first one — GIVE ‘EM HELL! You guys can do it!! 🙂

I know you guys will win in the playoffs. I have been rooting for you guys all season and I just know you’re gonna make it. I was so happy when you hit that grand slam on September 25th Ryan. That was my birthday and what could be a better birthday present than having you hit a grand slam. You are so awesome, you are my favorite baseball player. I LOVE you Ryan Braun!!!! GO BREWERS!!!!!! BEAT THE PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!




No more Blogs…I have one thing to say…dont let Sabithia get you in and get you out.
You guys have what it takes, bu the interim manager might take heed and realize he’s the manager, and not let a workhorse get wild at all. When he’s at a 43 pitch count in the first…should of pulled him. I know hind sight is 20/20, but I also say I have no desire to go back to 7th grade!

Lets try pitching Parra in the middle relief today, change it back up. I love the way he used a lot of arms in the run to the NLDS, 1.0 innings here, .1 innings there, 2.0 innings another time…All in the same game, keep the phillies guessing.

Ryan, you’re a Good Man, proud to have you not only on the team, but to emerge as the dugout leader is definitely needed today.
Motivate…Inspirate and encourage team players when they either made a mental error or a costly error.

Go get’em for the next 3 games…It’s yours for the taking.


I kinda blamed the blog too! That’s ok, it’s probably better this way haha. Even though… ya know, there’s 1 player on each team with a postseason blog too 😛

I kinda blamed the blog too! That’s ok, it’s probably better this way haha. Even though… ya know, there’s 1 player on each team with a postseason blog too 😛

Dear Ryan,
I am a mother; but you are my favorite Brewer. Just relax and have fun. I am proud of you and the whole team!

7:57 pm your up bases loaded score 3-1 brewers 2-2 count 1 out ok two out you blew it..GO CUBS GO

Great to see you guys win it tonight!! Go get ’em Sunday. Milwaukee’s starving for another Brewer victory…we love love love our Brew Crew!!

Yay! We are so happy that you guys won tonight because now it means that we can go to the game tomorrow for which we have tickets! Bush was awesome and the bullpen really came through for your team! Hope Suppan has a good day pitching as well.

By the way, I was wondering about Sabathia’s pitching being affected by his at bats and not by pitching after 3 days rest. It seems to me that he loses some control in the innings after he has batted. Since he spent many years in the American league where he didn’t have to bat I’m wondering if he really hasn’t adjusted to it? If you go back and look at his games you will see what I mean. Just a thought.

Hoping you have a good day at bats and maybe even hit a grand slam home run tomorrow! And talk about superstitious, I and my family have never been to a Brewers game where you lost. Over the years every single game we have attended your team has won so we fully expect you to win tomorrow!

Baseball and superstition go together, of course. No one realizes that the reason Torres was able to do so well in his closer appearances for a number of weeks is: I went outside the house when things got tense and watched the 9th inning of the game through a window into my living room. It worked once, then twice, then again and again and again. Oh, and I had to have a cigar going too.

What was so good about tonight’s win in my opinion is that the Brew Crew got a win and you were NOT called on to be the hero, snatching victory from the jaws of elimination. Which means that in Games 4 and 5 you’ll have plenty of “juice” saved up — and we’ll get on your back and ride off into the next series against the Dodgers (or the Cubs as unlikely as that looks at the moment with them trailing again).

Great to have you in Milwaukee, Ryan.

Goofy *******. Good job tonight.Rick Holmquistrrholmquist@sbcglobal.net

Thanks for the Brewers first playoff appearance (and win!) in my lifetime! I’ve been following the Crew all my life, but even more since I moved to Oregon for grad school. I couldn’t be happier about the team this season. I haven’t been so excited about the team since I was sitting in the bleachers with my kids club tix back in the day. Sadly, my boyfriend is a Cubs fan who has dogged the Brewers all season. I feel no qualms about trash talking though and plan on touting the fact the Brewers made it further in their first appearance in 26 years than the baby bears did in their last 2 tries (assuming the Dodgers hold for 6 outs)!

Hey Ryan!! Congatulations on the win!! I knew you guys could do it. I am looking forward to you guys winning on sunday. It’s also great that the cubs are out the playoffs now. I can’t wait to see you play Ryan, you are my favorite i love you!!!! Good luck to you and the team on sunday!!! I know you guys will win!!!

Whoa–congrats to all of you guys for hanging tough and playing small ball all night tonight and coming up with a HUGE victory! I left a comment after your 2nd game and I think you all followed my advice to work each at bat and execute what was needed and field your position like you were protecting your family. Hey, please tell Mike congrats on his new baby girl. He REALLY came through for the team today on very little sleep over 2 nights!

Well, I have my tickets for game 4 of the NLCS on Monday, Oct. 13, and I fully expect to use them. I don’t think anyone on your team had any doubt tonight that Milwaukee believes in all of you–GO BREWERS!!!

– Debbie in MIlwaukee

Hey Ryan!!!!!!!!
I’m sorry about the loss today. I was cheering for you the whole game. You may have lost the playoffs but you guys have come a long way. Congratulations! I sill love you guys and I can’t wait to see you play in 2009. You are still looking hot and fine Ryan!!!!!!!!! GO BRAUN AND THE BREWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the great season, Ryan!! Your Sunday homer and clinching win was my favorite moment ever at the ballpark.

Bummed to see it end, but it was a great ride!! Get on David Riske and get him to talk CC into staying. I know he was key in getting CC here. We need the big guy here.

Have a safe and great offseason and I look forward to 09!!

(to the cubs trolls in this thread..ha!! put your blue W flags away..you goofs)

Well I guess you won’t be un-tucking your shirt and hot-dogging like the regular season.

Good job on the season. Even though it came to and end. To bad you and JJ don’t come up to Green Bay. If you ever do you should let me know. My daughter would love to meet the two of you. I hope Dale gets the job as manager. He did a great job getting the team to play good baseball. Say hi to JJ and Manny. Congradulations on a job well done. Brewer fan to the end. Lisa

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