Game 1 in the books

Hey, everybody. Not the greatest day for us today.

Really, it wasn’t much different than any other day other than the fact we had to get out there on the foul line for early introductions. That was pretty cool, even though the pregame routine was messed up a little bit. There was a little more intensity, a little more enthusiasm from the crowd.

I suppose that’s how you should approach it. It’s a bigger stage, obviously, but it’s nice to feel comfortable, like it’s just another game in the regular season. The circumstances are bigger and I think we all understand what’s at stake, but, really, it didn’t feel too much different.

The game itself? Frustrating. Cole Hamels threw the ball extremely well and the umpire gave him a lot of borderline pitches, which caused us to swing at a lot of pitches we probably shouldn’t have swung at. Still, he pitched great, he’s one of the better pitchers in the league and he deserves a lot of credit.

We’ve got CC Sabathia in Game 2. Any time we have CC pitching, we’re in great shape. We’re confident going into Thursday’s game and I feel like we have some momentum from at least scoring a run in the ninth inning and getting into position to tie that game. It was the first playoff game for a lot of us, so getting those jitters out is definitely a good thing.

This is nothing new for us, either. We have dealt with so much adversity. We struggled at times through September and we’ve dealt with a lot. By no means is this the position we want to be in — you want to win Game 1 — but we’re not afraid to have to respond to adversity or a tough loss. It’s fitting, I suppose, to do it this way.


Mr. Braun,
You are a very well spoken man with a great head on your shoulders. I work with over 300 people, all who will be supporting our beloved Brew Crew tomorrow. Game Two is yours to win and we all have faith that you will. See you Saturday in Milwaukee!

Lucky me, I get the first post tonight! I listened to the game at work today and was wishing I could be there to cheer you guys on – and I am sure all of Milwaukee was wishing the same thing! But we are there in spirit, if nothing else, until you boys bring it home to Milwaukee. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for making baseball exciting again. The last two years have been full of on-the-edge-of-your-seat excitement and it’s been great ride. Good luck tomorrow and kick some Philly butt! πŸ™‚

Dear Ryan-

I think many Brewers fans felt the same jitters that you did. Keep your heads on straight and your eye on the prize and I believe in my heart nothing can stop you and your team. I can’t wait for the game tomorrow.
Your #1 fan in Dousman- Lisa


I still have goosebumps from the last week of Brewers baseball… I have been waiting for this since I was a little girl. Pumped to see you guys come out swingin’ tomorrow, you can take em! See you Saturday and Sunday in MKE!

Loud and proud…

Dear Ryan,
You have brought so much excitement to the Milwaukee Brewers organization since you came up last year. Your play at the plate as well as playing left field has complimented the team so much! Just keep on playing like you have and keep the eye on the prize. I believe with CC on the mound tomorrow, there will be confidence. Today was just a learning experience. Yes, I did experience the jitters too today. I took off of work to watch the game. Tomorrow is another day. Good luck tomorrow Ryan!
Go Brewers!
Bubbles050 (Kathy)

Hey Ryan,

Tough day today, but go out and get em tomorrow, and everything will be great! You have all of Wisconsin behind you guys! See you guys back in Milwaukee!!! We are so proud of you!!!



I was at the game today, and even though it’s rough that you guys lost, I want you to know, that when Cameron came up to bat in the first inning, and it finally hit me that this is a postseason series, and I’m getting to cheer for the Brew Crew, it was the most incredible feeling ever. Thank you guys so much for getting it this far…and don’t worry, if you could get it this far, you can take it anywhere. Let’s go Brew Crew!

Alex P.

Hey Ryan,

Even though I’m a Yankee fan, I’ll be rooting you on this October. We have a lot in common; I’m also named Ryan, and we’re both Jews! Since I can’t support Mr. Youkilis up in Boston, I gotta stick by my other Jew out in Milwaukee. Oh, and happy new year! L’shana tova.

Good luck, dude. And nice double today.


Hey Ryan,
I know today was hard,because Hamel had some good stuff throwing at you guys. I just picked up a twenty pack of tickets for next season,so at least I get to go to the game on Saturday.I got hurt at work in august,so right now i get workmans comp.Thank God I’m union,but theres a plus side to this ,I got to see all the Brewers games I wanted.Anyways,with CC on the mound we should be ok,not to take anything away from YO ,because him coming back with that type of injury is amazing in itself.Take care Ryan and I’ll see you back home at Miller Park.GO BREW CREW.I was ten the last time we went,so let’s have fun.thanks Ryan.
from Andrew in Milwaukee

Thanks for a great effort today, you and the team. I agree with you that the Crew is as good as any team in these postseason games, and have just as good of a chance to reach those last 7 games come later this month. A bit of advice…..keep havin’ fun!!! God Bless!!

Hey Ryan – It’s tough to start out with a loss but I have faith in the team. I know that this team is a comeback team and I see you doing just fine. Thanks for all the excitement this season. I was 12 when we went to the series last time (and had a crush on Robin) and it is great to share this Brewers excitement with my kids. They are truly loving all the excitement that you provide. You guys can do it and bring it home Saturday and then let the crowd show you how much we love you guys.

Kari – Tosa

Hey Ryan!
I want to start off by saying thank you.. to you and every Brewer for making this past year of Brewer Baseball just absolutely amazing! There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that this team is destined for anything but greatness. The last time we were in the playoffs I was.. oh about -2 years old and have been waiting for this moment to show everyone who exactly the Brewers are. The entire state of Wisconsin is cheering you on and we cannot wait to see what you guys have planned for us! Good luck tomorrow and remember that we all bleed blue and gold.

Well, even though we lost game one, I feel like we’re a pretty good match up with this Phillies team. If we eliminate those mistakes, we’re in business. Game 2 is yours with CC on the mound. You guys should be going into it with a lot of confidence and enthusiasm! I’m sure you are. I feel a win coming on!!


What you all have accomplished these past two weeks have been nothing short of what i consider greatness.You all were born to be baseball players.Don’t listen to the nay sayers screw em’ right now and through the rest of the playoffs you the Milwaukee brewers are the best team in baseball.Let the fire that brought you this far lead you in the last couple weeks of baseball.GO Brewers.Cause we want to party like they partied in ’82.


Ryan, thanks to you and the rest of the team for being such a class act! For such a young team, you guys handle yourselves so well and it’s great to be a fan. Tough loss today, but know that we’re all behind you. Milwaukee is so proud of the Brewers and we’re thrilled you have the opportunity to play in October – and of course, that we get to enjoy the crazy postseason ride with you. Today was rough, but it was just one inning that really got away from you all. Everybody knows the awesomeness is there, and the first one’s out of the way so on to tomorrow and better things! GOOD LUCK! GO GET ‘EM!

Thank you for doing this blog! I just found it tonight on the Brewers site… It’s great to get a little perspective from one of our players on what the post-season is like.

I can’t tell you enough how proud Milwaukee and Wisconsin is of this years Brewers. Like you said, adversity has definitely hit the Brewers in many ways this season and I want nothing more than to defend you all and this great baseball team to the narrow-minded sports announcers on TBS and ESPN! THANK GOD for Brian Anderson of FSN North being one of the other announcers during todays game. He definitely stated MANY of the great moments and successes you and your teammates have had this year when so many of the sports announcers and analysts look right past the Brewers or don’t respect the hard work you all have done to deserve your place in the post-season. We are fighting for the Brewers back here in Milwaukee and support you all!!

It’s all good.
The simple fact that you guys are still playing ball is fantastic! Game 2 – it’s all you guys.
Clear you minds and do what you’ve been doing ’cause it’s obviously worked thus far!
Hit a few back to Brewtown!!~WE LOVE OUR BOYS!!!~ Jp ~ True Crew Fan for Life~…………………………………………………………….got Braun?

Hebrew Hammer:It is only 1 game. No worries.Take Weeks and Hall out of starting positions and keep everything else the way it is. Counsell and Durham should remain because of their experience in these type of situations.Do me a favor … tell Hall to lay off the outside pitches and tell Rickie Weeks to hold him bat with his knuckles aligned differently. It’s killin’ me watching him try to crush the ball all the time.Good luck tomorrow. I’ll be rooting from my apartment in the Windy City. Rick

Hey Brauny-

Honestly, growing up in New York, I was a Yankees fan. Last year, however, living in Madison, I kept an eye on you guys all season, and seeing what you guys went through, with everything that happened in September and the ups and downs all season long, seeing the true TALENT on this ballclub, I switched. I am now solely a Brewers fan. Watching the struggles this year throughout last month, and seeing the joyfullness and relief of you guys when the Mets lost, it brought a tear to my eye (and it was fun to stick it to my Mets-loving aunt!). Like other people have said, it’s only Game 1, and like you have said, it’s the first postseason game for a lot of you guys. Just keep up the intensity. You guys made a LOT of believers this year, including a diehard, lifelong Brewers fan in me!
-Matt, Madison WI

Hi Ryan,
Glad to have someone there reporting on what goes on in a postseason game. Great insight, almost like being there.
Tough loss yesterday. Now that you got that out of the way,on to winning some baseball. Do me a favor and ask J.J. what is he going to do when he gets up to the plate?
I have an idea that might freak out the other team. I think you guys shoud do a huddle and chant whatever inspires you guys before you go out on to the field. Kind of like a refocus and to remember to have fun out there.
Keep up the good reporting and see you guys when you get to Milwaukee.



Don’t give up. You’ll win this game and be tied up 1-1 going into Milwaukee on Saturday. If you thought Sunday was a great experience, wait til you have the crowd behind you on Saturday. We’re looking forward to seeing you guys back in Milwaukee all tied up. Just remember that Myers has been struggling as of late and you need to jump on that fastball right away. Good luck and thanks for blogging! By the way, I met your mom last year the day your jersey was released. I thought it was kind of cool that she bought it at the Fan Zone at Miller Park. She said you were a great guy and I think we’ve all seen it. I asked her why you didn’t just give her one, and she said she was proud to buy her son’s jersey. Keep up the good work.


I got to watch about 45 minutes of the game yesterday on the pitch-by pitch because I was at school, stupid class @ 3. I did however get to listen to the 9th inning on the radio. (Go Yuk!) To me it seems like you and CC have been putting everything out there for the team. I believe most of everyone else needs to step it up!! Yeah Hamels was tough on you guys yesterday, but that was yesterday. Its today now and today is the Brew Crew’s day. I try to wrap my schedule around the games and today I will be either at work watching or at home hooting and hollering at the TV like normal! All you guys need to do now is hold your heads up and tell everyone that even though we’re the under-dogs…its not too late and we can take it!! I believe in you guys 100%…now prove everyone wrong and kick some BUTT!!!!

P.s. you guys made an excellent early birthday present for me when I went to the game on sunday!!! PHENOMINAL!!!….and when you hit your grand slam…that morning I told a friend, “I got this feeling…Ryan Braun grand slam within the next few days…I just know it!” And guess what! you did!! That was beautiful!!

And thank-you for an excellent season…make sure you guys enjoy every step of it!!!

-Lovin’ the Brew Crew, Adrienne Hilbert

Hey Bro,

Don’t let yesturday’s game get you down. Let’s think about the positives of yesturday. The frickin’ cubs lost. That’s wonderful!

Last night I had a Crew dream. The dream came in several parts. Part 1, I was in an auditorium on stage behind the curtain with my girlfriend and my roomate when all of a sudden as the curtain was pulled out before us sprawled the hallowed ground that is Miller Park. At some point, for some reason, it was called on us to run the bases, so we did. ***DREAM BLURRING BY**** Then a little later in the dream I find my roomate talking to Princy so we went up to him and chatted. Couldn’t get Hardy’s attention tho we tried.

I woke up and then went back to sleep. In this next set I was walking down the sidewalk in front of an elementary school here in Whitewater with my girlfriend when we see you walking down the sidewalk tossing a baseball up and down towards us.

I yell out, “Is that Ryan Braun?”

To which you reply, “Haha yeah.”

I motion with my hands that I’m gonna catch the ball so you toss it to me, I catch it but now without it somehow bouncing up and hitting the side of my face. I start laughing and you come over and start talking with my girlfriend (who in real life quite literally wants to marry you haha). Braunski, you proceed to sign the ball and write all sorts of jibberish on it. Dreams are great hey?

We love you guys very much,

Ryan Donahue,
Whitewater, WI

Mr. Braun
i want to tell you that i m a big of the brewers and i cry for every game the team lose and i celebrate no matter what day for every game the team win. I know the team can harmful the party of the phillies.

Im not going to college today to see the game and i know that CC and every team players will get this one cause we going to the MILLER PARK with a tied series and then we gonna get them.


As a Cardinals fan (and a newer Brewers fan) I would like to remind you and your teammates that as long as you get in to “the dance” anything can happen. You just need to believe. The Cards weren’t expected to do anything in 2006 and they won it. In my opinion, this Brewers team is better than that Cardinals team. Yes, Hamels was good yesterday, but with Sabathia going today and the way the rotation looks to go the rest of the series, you guys have a pretty good chance. You guys are my NL team in the playoffs (I can’t go for the Cubs… πŸ™‚ ), so go out there and show everyone what this team is made of!

Good luck today…and the rest of the series.


Glad to hear that you and your teammates feel the momentum is changing after the late rally last night once Cole Hamels was out of the game. Now that the jitters are gone and with CC pitching today, the series WILL be 1-1 coming back to Milwaukee. Remember to listen to those coaches and take the first pitch of the AB for the team. All of Wisconsin and Madison is behind you and we can’t wait to see you guys back in Milwaukee for Game 3 Saturday. Have a great Game 2, stay loose and do me a favor and knock one out of the park today :).


Plenty of times this season that the Brew Crew has won 3 of 4 — no worries yet! Hang in there and play well, best of luck the rest of the postseason.

Plenty of times this season that the Brew Crew has won 3 of 4 — no worries yet! Hang in there and play well, best of luck the rest of the postseason.

I think the whole team needs to grow mustaches and channel the spirit of the ’82 team. Good luck in game 2.

I can’t even begin to describe the elation I felt on Sunday when you guys won the Wild Card. I was at work all afternoon, sneaking back to Home Theater (I work at Best Buy) and watching the game as often as I could. When I saw you hit that 2 run home run, I started crying tears of joy. I have been waiting my whole adult life to see the Brewers going to the playoffs. (Born in 1985, I wasn’t alive the last time!) It’s so exciting to see you guys play in the playoffs! You guys really made that ninth inning interesting yesterday. Unfortunately, I will again be at work for most of the game today, but no worries – I will be sneaking away to watch it every chance I get, with my phone getting updates from my friend Andrew!! Go out there and kick some Phillie ***, the way I know you guys can!! πŸ™‚
Kati Meier

Hey Ryan! I was 7 back in 1982 when the Brewers were last in the playoffs. I remember the excitement of watching those games with my parents – some of the happiest times of my childhood. My mom and I chat after every game and she’s absolutely ecstatic to see Robin Yount in the dugout – even if it is just temporary! My dad now lives in Pennsylvania and we both lead hectic lives, but this past season the phone calls between us have been flying as we talk baseball and get caught up, once again, in the excitement that is the Milwaukee Brewers! Thanks to you and the rest of the team for bringing baseball back to the forefront of Wisconsin sports!!! We love you guys!

Ryan –

The way I see it, take away those two errors in the third inning and you guys actually won game 1!!

Hang in there…the fun stuff is coming.


Ryan, you have so much to say and it’s amazing how optimistic you guys are. You deserve this chance and I know you guys can do it, because like you said, you’ve already overcome so much adversity. It’s not like this would be the first time you guys lost Game 1 and then came back to win a series. Just keep your focus and stick to what you feel.

Like “Kathy” said, without those tow errors, I consider you guys the winners of Game 1. Continue the positivity and help each other.

BrewCrew goes all the way in ’08, baby!

I just want to say thank you you and to the entire Brewers team for this wonderful season. Like so many others I cried on Sunday, I was so elated. The way you’ve been able to come up with the clutch hits has made this a storybook season! Don’t worry about Game 1 – Tonight’s another chance. We support you guys no matter what. Go Brewers!!!!

I am glad that you are taking the time to write/communicate with the fans Ryan. I know that yesterday’s game had quite a few difficulties to work against. Such as the weather (wind). Camy would?ve had that ball caught. He tried so hard. If we didn’t have the errors then everyone may have been in a better state of mind and would have relaxed more. I watched the game and the thing that needs to be worked on is batting. I am not trying to mean or insult anyone. There were numerous times when the bat was swung and shouldn’t have been. Hamels is a very good pitcher but I know that you guys could have done better. Ray did a great job when he came in to pinch hit and you had a very much needed hit right after him. Then J.J a little later drew the walk. Then the gift of the passed ball. All that was needed was one more hit. Everyone knows that you guys didn?t give up and could have won that game. That?s what is so great even when it is the 9th inning and your down you still know that there is a chance of winning. You guys have to remember that. You?re winners to me. Good luck and no matter what keep your heads high.


I was at County Stadium when the Brewers played their first game back in 1970, was their for the World Series in 1982 and was at Miller Park Sunday. I can’t describe the feeling I had Sunday to be able to share the moment with my 7 year old son who lives and dies with you and the Brewers. We went to Spring Training and his main goal was to get you to sign his Jersey. At the final game at Maryvale you were on your way out to the clubhouse after the 5th inning and were kind enough to stop and sign it. That Jersey is his prized possession and hangs in his bedroom. Good luck today and we’ll be there Saturday and Sunday to cheer you on. I’ve got a feeling your going to take Myers deep today.. Circle the bases.. Win or lose you’ve done Milwaukee proud!!!!!

I can’t begin to describe how awesome it is that you have taken the time to write this blog and share it with us. It’s wonderful to think that you’ll be playing with this team for a long time – it makes the loss easier because I feel like no matter what happens this team will be back in the playoffs long before 2034.

Good luck and go hammer one tonight!

Gooooooooooooooooo PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!

Dear Ryan,

As I watched you and the Brewers play in a playoff game for the first time in 26 years, it became apparent that the first game of the series would not be your best. As so many other people have already said, getting the jitters out was important, and in the ninth you guys actually started to look the like the BrewCrew all the fans know, even against a pitcher like Brad Lidge. I have all the confidence that after CC wins on three days rest again, you guys will clinch at home and keep the dream alive of a World Series Championship for everyone of your teammates and the fans alike.

I just wanted to wish you luck today! I wore your jersey to work yesterday and watched online while I was stuck at my desk! I actually never watched baseball nor I had I been to more than one Brewer game in my life until this season. I am so excited to be part of your season! The last time we were in the playoffs, I was 6 months old. Now, I actually understand the game and get all amped for it! We’ll be watching you tonight and cheering you on! With CC on the mound, I’m relaxed and confident that you’ll do great. Good luck today and I’ll be watching you on Saturday at Buffalo Wild Wings! GO BREW CREW!!!!

Sussex, WI


I was privliged enough to meet you outside of Miller park before a game with my son, you signed his ball and my Miami Hurricane cell phone. My son has not stop telling everyone he meet you. Thank You for giving him that special moment in his young life.

Best thing about Baseball is that tomorrow comes quick, game 1 is game 1 and is now over. Go out and relax in game 2 and bring it home 1-1. GO BREW CREW and GO CANES.


For being such a star already, you really seem to be the most down to earth guy I’ve watched play the game. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for willing the Brewers into the playoffs. I know you would say it wasn’t all you and I guess to an extent it is true, but you have been the most consistent player on the field. You have been my favorite Brewer since BEFORE you were on the big league club. I followed you in college and I was so excited to see you would one day be on our big league team. I actually have no worries about this series. In fact, I’m confident we will win this thing. I know you don’t need anymore confidence, but maybe you should pass some off to your teammates. It looks as if a few of them could use it. Bring it back to Brew-Town 1-1. I want to see you boys close the series out here at home!!!

Indianapolis is behind the Brew Crew. Go get ’em Ryan


Thanks for doing this blog and letting us fans into your day. Best of luck. C.C. and you guys are gonna win it today. Kick butt my man!!:)

I am a 4th grade teacher and today we had a Brewers day at school. All the kids and teachers wore their Brewers gear and it was a ton of fun. I just wanted to let you know that everyone here is rooting you guys on. All the kids had stories to tell about games they’ve been to, players that they’ve met or got autographs from, etc. It was so neat! Kids and adults alike are just so excited and thrilled to be a Brewers fan. I’ll be at the game on Saturday and cannot wait. Let’s get Game 2 tonight! Thank you for writing this blog, it’s great to read.



hang in there ry.
CC is pitching its a obvious win.
just do your best and i’m sure you’ll squeeze some more of those grand slams in october πŸ™‚
don’t forget to add my fansite for you!


your #1 fan EVER


Hi Ryan. Congratulations to you and your teammates for getting to the post season. We are so proud of you. Living in Green Bay, we don’t get to hear a lot of what goes on with the team so thanks for sharing your experiences. We are huge Brewers fans. Best of luck the rest of the way. Can’t wait to see a World Series game in Milwaukee again. Say hi to JJ and Prince for us. Eric, Pam, Ashleigh, Aaron and Ethan.

Hi Ryan,

So proud of the whole team! Good luck today in Philly.

Oh, by the way, when this is all over and you have won the World Series and want to relax…………..
I have a 23 year old (beautiful daughter) that would love to go on a date with you. Let us know!

See you Saturday in Milwaukee. GO BREWERS!

Hey Ryan!
So awesome you’re doing this blog!

Gotta say you guys are really making it uncomfortable to be a Brewers fan living in Chicago (not to mention being married to a Cubs fan….) but I wouldn’t have it any other way! You guys are all talent and all class!

I know these first games didn’t go your way but don’t worry. Put it behind you & have fun out there! We love to see you smile. We’re all happy to still be watching you guys in October!

Good luck on Saturday–you’ll win for sure!

(BTW, tell JJ awesome play today–even the cubs fan in the house was admiring his throw from the knees!)

Keep the faith! GO BREW CREW!!!!!

Hello Ryan,

Thanks for all you have done this season and for putting all you have into this team. You have carried the team through out the season and you have pulled through in so many incredible situations. The greatest gift you now can give to Milwaukee is when you lead the team in a rally to make one of the greatest comebacks in Brewers play off History. The fans can relate this to the 82 teams comeback to beat the Angels, but there is no more looking back. Your team has an opportunity to forever snuff out the merry-go-round celebrating we had back in 82 and the constant remember whens about the legends. It was great, but you can erase it all when the team puts it all together in the next week. Saturday the entire team HAS to play with a hunger that seems to be missing. People will be coming to see the best game the team has ever played.
If I may borrow part of a speech that fits to well…The one constant through all the years in Milwaukee, Ryan, has been baseball. Baseball has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It was lost to Atlanta, rebuilt and made to what it is today. Baseball in Milwaukee has marked the time. This field, this game, is a part of our past, Ryan. It reminds us of all that once was good, and it could be again. Ohhhhhhhh, people will come saturday, Ryan. People will most definitely come.
Leave a Legacy Ryan, this team, this is the time! Find the fire and share it. Fight hard and win.
Good Bye, Good Luck and God Bless You,

Hey Ryan,
First let me say thank you and your team mates for a great season! I really didn’t want to see a “must win” for Saturday, but that’s the way it is. I hope you guys on your flight back to Milwaukee will as a team figure out how to get some runs early in the game and not depend on a 8th or 9th inning rally! The only good thing out of this so far is that the Cubs lost last night and are loosing 5-0 as I write this. We are begging of all of you to play like you want it!!!
Georgie in Milwaukee, WI

On behalf of the “fans” in left field that heckled you the entire game, I apologize. To say that the reigning National League Rookie Of The Year “sucks” is just stupid not entirely representative of the Phillies fan base. That being said, I think your team has a bright future, just not this year. It’s our time.

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