Time for a three-game streak

I don’t have much for you today. What this comes down to now is that we need to win three in a row, and we’ve had plenty of three-game winning streaks this year.

We’re excited about going home to Miller Park to play in front of our fans. We’re comfortable there, and they are going to help get us going.

I don’t know what it’s going to take for that to happen, for the bats to get going, but we haven’t been swinging well for a while now. We need to find some ways to score runs, but this is not the first time we have faced any adversity or pressure this season, and we have been able to turn it around before.

I was asked tonight if our confidence is low, and that’s never the case. What this comes down to is we need to swing the bats batter, but we are still confident. It’s not going to necessarily be easy because the Phillies are a good team, but we know we have the capability to do this.


That’s what I wanna hear!

Aww Ryan, I’m glad you still found a way to be positive despite 2 tough losses. Hopefully things will go better at home, keep your head up, it’s not over!! Go Brewers!

Keep your heads up and those bats swinging! Can’t wait for you guys to bring it home and show those Phillies what you’ve got!

I know how much we all want the Brewers to make a legendary run through the playoffs. I will honestly say I thought that getting into the playoffs might heat up the bats a bit, but lets face it, they haven’t. Brewers fans know this team is one of the best, if not the best, teams in Baseball when they are seeing the baseball well. However anyone who is a fan of the MLB and has watched the playoffs in the past knows that some teams are hot come the playoffs and some just aren’t. Winning the World Series can still be considered as being the greatest title in sports because no one can argue that the MLB season is much more greuling than the NFL or NBA seasons. No doubt those seasons are also demanding, but it is much harder to play baseball at a high level for seven months than it is to play football for four or basketball for eight. Anyway, I hope Brewers fans have enjoyed this season, its exciting finish, and the great strides this franchise has made over the last five years.

Go Brewers!!
Go Bucks!!
Go Packers!!

Oh Yeah…It ain’t over till the keg is empty!!!!!!!!!!!!

We Still Got More BEER!!!!!

Go Brewers!!!!!!!

You all can do this.Being at home will make a huge difference.You all have come so far.Play the game you love the most like it’s your last time playing.When you play with that kind of passion you guys are un-touchable.Believe in the team you love so much.Know that you have an angel in your dugout your biggest fan, my grandma.You can do this and know that your fans love you all so much and have faith that you can do this.
Go Brewers!!!!-Sonya-

Ryan, this city is behind you, all of you and I do believe that we also care about all of you like a fan only could. You guys played well, had a couple of bad breaks, but played well. You were never out of both games until the last out in the ninth and we, as fans, know that whatever the outcome we are so happy that you have brought us this far. Of course though a three game winning streak would be icing on the cake and this town deserves what you fine gentlemen have brought to the game of baseball in this small, but hopeful city. Just know that this city loves you guys and we will be there until the last out in the bottom of the ninth.

Bring it back to Brewtown and we’ll see what happens.
It ain’t over ’til it’s over! LOL
Philly may have a good team but you guys are better.
You know you guys can do it!
See you on Sat.
Just you wait until you guys get back!
You thought the rally was cool~
Good luck!


I’ve appreciated all season that you’ve always told it like it is, whether with your opinion or with your bat. I think I kind of understand your confidence in your skills…much more that you know what you do well and not at all llike arrogance.

Like you say, it all amounts to a 3 game streak. Every game is like the roll of the dice–with every fresh roll (or new game) you have a new opportunity to win, despite the odds sometimes being against you.

All that I and all Brewers fans ask if that each of you guys remember on Saturday (and hopefully Sunday and Tuesday) what you all HAVE done and CAN DO with hitting, fielding, and giving your team everything you have. Just go out there and execute each at bat to maximize the odds you get the walk, the bunt, the clutch hit, or the extra base hit that’s needed. Field you position like you’re protecting your family.

Some have compared your present Brewer’s team to the 1982 squad. Well, guess what: only 7 teams out of 54 have ever come back from 2 initial losses to win a postseason series…and one of them was the 1982 Brewers. Give your selves, your families, your fans, and all of Milwaukee a show they won’t forget for another 26 years!

Oh, I forgot…I WILL be in the stands with my friends to cheer on you guys on Saturday. GO BREWERS!!!

Don’t worry Ryan just continue to play hard and confident like you always do. This is the first time I have ever seen postseason play from the Brewers and have loved every minute of it! Just go out and play your best baseball possible and you guys will be fine, and no matter what happens Brewers fans will always support you guys! Now go beat those Phillies on Saturday! Good Luck!

From Ryan to Ryan,

Good to stay positive. You guys will win Game 3. Just be patient. Moyer throws a 22 mph fastball on the black, so look to go the other way. The guy is 45 years old, he’s old enough to be your daddy. Don’t let him. Crush his spirit and make him wish he was retired. You guys are better than the Phils. It just all needs to come to together. You guys will knock the s**t out of his gravy ball!!

Good Luck Saturday

Thank you for taking the time to write in this blog. I actually teared up during the game..but feel better after reading your daily comments. Always keep that passion for the game. It is great to hear the team is excited to get back here. I love the Brewers and can’t wait to watch y’all play back home. So many good memories my 13 yr. old son will have for a lifetime, which you and your teammates have selflessly given to us. When we can get down to Milw. from Oshkosh, (and to PHX for spring training)…we do…. and I always turn to him about 4th or 5th inning and say, “there isn’t anything better than to be sitting here in Miller Park watching our team..hearing the crack of the bat, the slap of the glove, having a hot dog and soda with you”. It’s the American way and I pray no matter win or lose, y’all know we think you’re GREAT and THANK YOU. GO BREWERS!!!

You guys will pull through. You always do.Good luck.

Dear Ryan-
After I read your blog, I was interested to see what the Phillies had written. Wouldn’t you know, Victorino is writing the blog for them. He sais that while he was running around the bases, he saw you stop running, and couldn’t believe that he hit the home run. Will you please do the same for him on Saturday? Make him stop running to catch the ball because you hit it out of the park. The atmosphere at Miller Park can only help you. Hopefully we will be loud and constantly waving our towels. Get some rest and get pumped. Three in a row is coming our way!!

The only thing that made last nights loss better was the Cubs loss!!! Thanky ou for your insight Ryan its nice to understand the game from the players stand point. Did CC feel like he was getting squeezed last night?

I am kind of sick of all the happy talk from the Brewers website and the fans when we are down 0-2. Its time to get going! Braun and CC have about about the only two Brewers who have not disappointed (although Ryan your batting average could be higher). Why do we continue to start strike-out machine Cameron in the lead-off role and play Hart? Put Tony and Kapler in there. Hart has given up ever since the all-star game. Lets see what Tony and Kapler can do. It can’t be any worse.

My favorite saying this year is: All the fun starts after two are out.

Let the fun begin.

Kathy from MadTown

Come home. It’s always better in Miller Park!

Thanks for taking the time to do this Ryan. As a 23 year old devoted Brewers fan, I have been waiting my entire life for the Brewers to make it to the Postseason. I know you guys will rally once you get home. But, no matter what happens, we’re with you all the way. Thanks for the great memories so far! And, thanks for deciding to remain a Brewer!!
“UNTUCKEM” tonight!!

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. I really appreciate all that you guys have done and hope we do get that 3+ game winning streak going starting tomorrow. I will be rooting for the Brewers all weekend and beyond.

Go Crew!


You are 100% correct, we need to swing the bats better and that seems to happen at home. Also please please please ask Corey Hart one thing, “Please don’t swing at any first pitches.”
Go Crew, time to show the Phillies and the ESPN nation that our Milwaukee Brewers ARE a contender.


Wow, I have to say, the person who commented at 8:23 am on Oct 3rd, you have a lot of nerve! Telling Ryan his batting average could be higher, come on! I am sure he wishes it was too as any of the guys wishes theirs was, who wouldn’t want a .300+ average when they are in the Majors. Also, if you are following the Brewers, you know that Gabe Kapler is hurt, that is why he isn’t playing!
Anyway, I have to say you guys are doing awesome, and I was at the game when you guys clinched the wild card and it was amazing. You have given us a lot to cheer about this year, all of you! I love going to Miller Park and watching a team that loves the game, loves their fans and actually loves playing together as a team! Win or lose, amazing season! Thanks for bringing winning baseball back to Milwaukee! Good luck, GO BREWERS!!!!!!!!!!

I still can’t quite believe that in just thirty-two hours I’ll be sitting in a nosebleed seat in my favorite ballpark watching my favorite team in a playoff game. Thanks for letting us enjoy some October baseball. GO BREW CREW!!

Hey Ryan,
I don’t believe that the FSN storybook story ends here. Symbolism and reaccurance of elements of the story told in 82 being retraced in the season that is this year, supply me with the hope that your trip back home here in Milwaukee will spur this telling of a whirlwind miraculous happening from the 2008 Postseason. Your bat is made from the same elements that legends are made of. Draw upon your focus and patience and share this insight with the rest of your Brewers family and let’s take this show out to California and keep the future rolling right into Tampa Bay. I hope you see what I see, now go live it!

On behalf of the “fans” in left field that heckled you the entire game, I apologize. To say that the reigning National League Rookie Of The Year “sucks” is just stupid not entirely representative of the Phillies fan base. That being said, I think your team has a bright future, just not this year. It’s our time.

By poppadingo on October 2, 2008 11:30 PM

This just proves my point that Brewers fans are MUCH better fans!! Phillies and Eagles fans are just plain RUDE!!!

GO BREW CREW!! See ya at the game on Saturday!!!

Coming from a true blue Cubs fan, we’re feeling your pain today Brewers fans. We can only hope the teams change things around for the positive. If the Cubs can’t get it done I sincerely hope the Brewers can and give us a Midwest team in the World Series. Keep your heads up, as we in Chicago aren’t giving up yet. Still at least 1 more game to go. Good luck tomorrow!

Ryan, all of Brewer nation is pulling for you and the Brewers to repeat the comeback of the 1982 ALCS, but first let’s just focus on winning Game 3.

Here we go Brewers here we go!

– Mike

from the designer of Pursue the Pennant

love the brewers been pullin all year but the thing that has made me SICK all year is the STRIKEOUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
every game we have atleast 6k by the 3rd! OK the HR’s are great but if we are not hittin them we are striking out! the reason we are not winning ball games is because when runners are on we are striking out instead of puttin the ball in play! not to mention names but HART has dropped off the face off the earth since june! We desperatly need a change of skaalen there should never be 2 playoff games in a row that we had a 7 pitch inning against us! unexcusable we need someone who will put there foot down an teach these young guys how true professionals hit NOT SWINGING FOR THE FENCE IN CRUCIAL SITUATIONS!!!!!!!!! So sick of seein all these pitchers make us look like fools! the funny a pitcher could throw 90 changeups in the game an we wont hit a single one its been the brewer hitters problem all year! can hit the change cuz they are waiting on there back foot to crush the FB! CUT THE CRAP BREWERS AN LEARN HOW TO HIT THE SINGLES…BASE HITS WIN ALOT MORE BALL GAMES THAN THE HR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh yea as im saying take a page out of the phillies book they beat up on cc cuz they were patient made him work! we havn made either of the past 2 guys work for it! hamels an myers both went deep in the game cuz we never worked a single count myers had a 9 pitch at bat you know how many 9 pitch at bat the brew crew had??????? ill let ya guess it real easy!!!!! 0!!!!!!! cant win a ball game when a ace status pitcher is throwin7 pitch innings! PATHETIC GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan – love the positive attitude and I for one will be at Saturday AND Sunday’s game to see the Brew Crew take it all the way. I am just so excited to see baseball in October in Milwaukee so please don’t let some of the people who post in all caps with multiple explanation marks who sit on their couch and think they know how to play baseball discourage all the excitement you have brought back to Milwaukee after 26 years! We love you and the team know matter what. GO BREWERS 🙂

You guys can pull off 3 wins. You all didn’t get to the playoffs for no reason. Whatever happens, thank you for a great season. I was 8 when the Brewers won in ’82, and it’s been a blast enjoying this team with my 7 year old daughter. Good luck to all of you. I hope the bats get hot again. Corey Hart, what the heck is going on???? He’s killing me every time he’s at the plate.


Listen to Pride by U2.


Ryan Donahue
Whitewater, WI

Oh Brauny,
You guys can pick this up and win the series, I know you can. Stay positive and don’t let people making stupid comments get to you. Just swing that bat that we all know you can and play your heart out (you can pass on that message to everyone else too).
Over at Brew Crew Ball, we’re all rooting for you guys hardcore. Heck, all of Milwaukee is behind you.
Have a nice day off here and a good game on Saturday – whether or not you win, enjoy the experience.


Hey Ryan, was to the game on Sun. What a team effort it took to win and advance the Brewers to the Wild Card Series! We live over 2+ hrs away and have really enjoyed the last couple of years. Please keep up the positive momentum and encourage each other in your success.
I would like to see more aggressiveness from Sveum when guys are on the bases (ducks on the pond). It seems that we are always leaving guys on base, which in many cases in Sept. could have been potential wins for the Brewers. Do you have any voice or control of that? ex. steal home or sqeeze plays.
Thanks for the great effort and work that you have put in this far. I look forward to seeing the team beat up on those Phillies!!!

Ryan –

Thank you for the blogging opportunity. I was heart broken for CC and the Crew last night. My son is a pitcher in High School ball. We tell him all the time about his confidence “leaving the field”. I know we saw CC’s confidence leave, but with you and the team working as a TEAM you can do this. We all know the Brewers and their fans have the heart and the desire. Use that strength with the home crowd behind you… ALL THE WAY!!! GO BREWERS!!!!

I’m probably the only Brewers’ buff from Taiwan.(I think not many of you have heard about this place..lol)
I really hope the Brewers can make the miracle happen, and it’s up to not only Ryan but all of the crew’s member.

Good attitude about things, Ryan — no N.L. team has overcome this deficit before in the Division Series, but eventually a team will and you are right, plenty of 3 game winning streaks for you guys this season. Get a W tomorrow, and who knows, might as well be the Brew Crew to be the first to do it — right???


Good attitude about things, Ryan — no N.L. team has overcome this deficit before in the Division Series, but eventually a team will and you are right, plenty of 3 game winning streaks for you guys this season. Get a W tomorrow, and who knows, might as well be the Brew Crew to be the first to do it — right???


Ryan, You have the team.. you have the Desire.. take it one pitch at a time from both sides of the plate. Get game one and let it build.

Buz’s Buzz

Go Getta(AKA Braun),

Go get’em!

Hi Ryan. The 1st two games did not end the way we all hoped they would. You guys are at Miller Park for the next 2, so lets make something happen!! You’re right–you have won 3 in a row before so get in that frame of mind and get those bats swinging. We’re still behind you 100%. We know you can turn this around!! Hope you had a relaxing day off today. Go have a nice dinner tonight and don’t worry about tomorrow. It will all come together. Can’t wait for game 3. Go kick some Phillies butt !!! Know that your Green Bay fans are cheering for you. Eric, Pam, Ashleigh, Aaron , and Ethan. P.S. Please pass this message on to your teammates–especially JJ(Pam’s favorite player)

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