A good year comes to an end

I think overall we can look back on this year as a success, even though it was certainly an emotional roller-coaster, especially the last five or six weeks. But this was a huge success for us as a team and an organization. You can’t take that away.

Getting to the postseason was a big deal. Obviously, once we got here we would have loved to win and to advance deeper in. But I think all of us know that getting here in the first place is a huge accomplishment.

When I look back, I’ll definitely remember that Cubs game on the last day of the regular season. The emotion was incredible, and it hit home what it meant to the city. Then the celebration, that was awesome. You play this game to spray each other with champagne, you know what I mean? That will be my lasting memory of this year, without a doubt. I never got to do that before. In college, you don’t get to do that kind of stuff.

I hope we do it again next year. I think we’re going to be good, but this is going to be a very interesting offseason personnel-wise. I am interested to see who we bring back, if we trade anyone. We have to see what happens with Ben Sheets. With CC, there is a chance he will be back. Who knows? That would be awesome. What he did down the stretch, working on three days’ rest, that’s one of the most unselfish things I’ve ever seen. That guy has $150 million on the line, and he put everything at stake for us. That’s cool.

I also can’t thank the fans enough for coming out and supporting us all year long. They played such a huge role in what happened this year and it was really cool to share the season with everybody. Hopefully we will have more to cheer about next year.

Until then…


Ryan, you guys played awesome this year. I was at Game 4 today and started to cry when the final out was made. I wanted to see you guys go deeper also. I just wanted to say that it’s fun to watch you guys play. I’m a huge Christian and a huge fan of the Brewers. I’ve prayed for the team for years on end. Thank you for all the memories. God Bless!

I was at Game 3 and 4. I was sitting down the third base side right by you. Today was very frustrating but the crowd was the loudest I’ve ever heard in my life. It was a fun season and I’ll be routing for you next year. If you could coment on Fielder (thats me).Thanks for all you gave to me.

Thanks Ryan for a great year! See you in the spring, it can’t get here soon enough for me.

As a fan, I really appreciate the hard work you guys have put in the past couple years. You’re out there making plays and winning games but still humble enough to thank all the fans that have come out to support you. It’s nice to know you guys can hear and see us when we’re cheering our hearts out. Cheers to a fantastic season and i’ll see you at Maryvale!

Ryan,You guys have accomplished so much in just one year and you had an incredible season. Just think of this as a stepping stone for next year. You killed two birds with one stone: getting a major winning season and getting to the post season (and even winning a game).The Phillies are a tough team and you guys stayed in there until it was over.
You won more games than the Cubs, and that seriously makes my day. ha You guys will get back here next year, I have no doubt. 😉

Ryan, Great Respect for you and your team mates: hanging tough through a long, long season. CC could be a yankee or red sox or ?????(Whoever’s check book can affford him) But Milwaukee’s low payroll was not an issue …..because you guy’s got heart and always give 110%. Thanks for a great season.

Thanks Ryan for all you and the rest of the team have done for Wisconsin this year. You’ve made us proud.

Thanks for an amazing season, Braun, but more so thank you for giving the fans something to look forward to for at least 7 more great years in Milwaukee.

One of our Hall of Fame members was a career Brewer and I’m legitimately hoping that you follow suit.

Our blog will be going strong all winter long since we love to analyze those off-season moves that you were talking about. Take care of yourself this off-season and we’ll see you at the Winter Warm Up and again on the best day of February! (Naturally, I’m talking about P&C, which ought to be a National holiday!)

God bless.

Adam “Big” Rygg

As a college student, I wasn’t even alive the last time this happened, but have been waiting for it most of my life.

Being at the games this weekend were some of the greatest memories and as we left the park there was a sense of pride, happiness and very little sadness; except for the pain knowing we’ll have to wait until Spring to feel the thrill of Miller again. As a true you cannot be upset that we didn’t make it further, but celebrate that we made it. And I certainly hope the players celebrate that as well.

Enjoy your off season and I look forward to seeing you on the field

First of all, let me say THANK YOU to all of you guys for a fun, exciting, and amazing 2008 season. While the year may be over, you can bet all us fans are all ready counting down the days until Spring Training gets here (I know I am). The tears of happiness last Sunday were replaced by tears of sorrow this Sunday. But, on the bright side, you proved to everyone that this team is capable of post season play. That was never a doubt in my mind, but to everyone else, you proved them wrong. I attended my first ever post season game on Saturday, and it was AMAZING, I’ll NEVER forget it. Next year will be OUR year, by the end of 2009, the Milwaukee Brewers will be the World Series Champs! Thanks again for a great season, you will all be missed. Until then, I’ll be sporting my Brewers gear proudly! Hope you all have safe rides home and have fun with your families! See you next year………CHAMPS!

thank you thank you thank you ryan! you’ve done so much to get us to the playoffs…you are such an amazing baseball player! thanks for doing all you did..what else is there to say? you are the GREATEST and im looking forward to seeing you next season with the crew!


you thought the crowd was loud enough today..


Thanks again to you and all the guys for making this my most memorable season yet. Congratulations on everything you’ve accomplished as a team and I hope that next season you guys come back bigger and better and can surpass the Cubs in the NLC! Although, it was great to see you guys make it farther than them in the postseason! Can’t wait for ’09!

Hi Ryan- Great season to you and the rest of your teammates! One of the best years to be a Brew Crew fan! The best part about this year is knowing you’ll be back next year, and that means a lot to the fans in Milwaukee. We tend to be very loyal to all our players whether they’re here for 4 months or 10 years. Have a great off-season and see you next year!

Ryan, I’m going to miss this game so much while you guys are away! I became a baseball fan this year and it’s all thanks to you and this amazing team. After awhile, you begin to feel a connection with the players and it’ll be sad to see some of the players go their separate ways–not too many of you, hopefully! But, I’ll be there on Opening Day cheering you and the rest of the team on! This year WAS a success and I’m so proud of all of you! MUCH LOVE to you and the guys–good luck in the off-season and come back ready to kick some butt! -Katie from Madison

This was such a great year and so much fun to watch. It is disappointing that there is no tomorrow but I don’t think anyone is disappointed with this season (and hey, you did better than the cubs!). You guys did an amazing job this year and you have all meant so much to this state. I can’t thank you all enough for such a great and exciting season.

As for you, all I can say is THANK YOU for signing a long term deal with the team. You are such an amazing player and I think I speak for many people when I say I really hope you are a career Brewer.

Now we begin the long, painful wait for the Winter Warm-Up and spring training. Thanks for an amazing 2008 and memorable, but 2009 can’t come fast enough.


Ryan and Brewers: a good job in 2008. You are a great baseball player and a role model on and off field. You are a mix and reminder of Robin Yount and Paul Molitor style play. Definately future All-Star, Gold Glove, Hall of Fame potential player as a #3 hitter. Brewers: key pitchers and positional players we need to keep. We need dedicated and talented players only on the field for Brewers. Guys with awesome attitudes, play every game with emotion, guts, heart, and desires to lead Milwaukee Brewers back to top of National League Central, NL Pennant Champions, and 2009 World Series Champions. Frankly, we need about 10 or 15 Ryan Braun’s in a Brewers uniform. There are way too many in management, coaching staff, pro athletes, and MLB players who are just not cutting it like you. They let us all down in the clutch. A good core of 8-10 Brewers back. Robin: new managers, coaches, players. Surround Robin, Ryan winners


Ryan, even though you’ve heard this from everyone here, thank you. I don’t know if you know for sure exactly what you and the rest of the Brewers did for this city. You gave us all hope…that playoff game was absolutely electric. Lets do it again next year. The wait will be almost unbearable.

These last two weeks have given me the some of the best memories I will ever have. My fiance and I have had season tickets for the last three years. In addition to the twenty plus games we saw during this season, we were at all three games last weekend, and both games this weekend. Today when the season came to an end, I almost cried, not because it was over, but because I was so proud of my team! All the emotions of the last two weeks have left me exhausted, but I’d have it no other way– and after a few months break, I’ll be ready to do it all over again! I hope all you guys have a great winter and we’ll see you in the spring!

Dear Ryan,
Throughout my 27 years, my dad has shared his passion for baseball with me. I was born & raised on it, my love for the game maturing as I do. While I may have been alive in 1982–and even at the Brewers Welcome Home rally–I was way too young to remember. For most of my life, being a Brewers fan meant hoping we were in it at the end of July and being happy with a third place finish. I wanted us to be winners for so long; I was as devastated as an 11-year-old could be when we were eliminated on the last day of the 1992 season! The team wouldn’t come close to the playoffs again for over a decade, but as a die-hard I refused to abandon my team or the hope that better days were coming. (It is a guarantee that at some point during my annual baseball road trip, another fan base says “Wow! A Brewers fan! That’s rare!”) When I moved back to Milwaukee in 2005 for grad school, one of the first things I did was convince my dad and a friend to get a season ticket package with me. The team was young and exciting, and I felt that our time was coming.
I’ve been to 100’s of games, but none have stood out like those of the past two weeks. Your walk-off grand slam against the Pirates was the most exciting play I’ve experienced live; I was so psyched that I opted to fore-go my usual “Pregame Badger Friday” so I could wear my Braun shirt (speaking of superstition, could that be why they lost?)! I didn’t think it could get any better… and then last Sunday happened. As the ball you crushed flew over the wall, my heart skipped a beat. Finally, when the last out of the Mets-Marlins game was glowing on the videoboard, I cried. Being part of the postgame celebration is something I’ll never forget and so happy I could be a part of. During the two NLDS games I was lucky enough to be at, I cried twice more: before Game 3, and after Game 4. Sure, I was a little disappointed that we lost, but the tears were more out of pride and the fact that this magical season had to end!
I just want to thank you and your teammates for everything. Thanks for always playing hard. Thanks for a great season. Thanks for putting Milwaukee back on the baseball map…and thanks for giving me playoff memories I can actually remember! I’ve never been more proud to be a Brewers fan! I hope you and the rest of the team have a relaxing off-season–you’ve certainly earned it! Spring Training can’t come soon enough; maybe if I’m lucky enough I’ll see you at the Winter Warm-up!

Lauren O. (Sunday Plus Sec. 423, Row 4, Seat 2)

Ryan, I don’t know if you read these comments, but if you do, thank you for one hell of a season! I know some of us fans were hard on the team at times, but that doesn’t meant we weren’t behind you. Please rely my thanks to the other guys as well. I’ll definitely see you in 2009!

Well what a ride! this was the most entertaining season i have ever seen. From opening day to the all star break to that last week of the regular season, the playoffs and everything in between! Milwaukee can’t thank you guys enough for what you did this year. This was a huge step in the right direction and not only do the player deserve congrats but tip your hat to doug melvin for going out and dealing for CC, for mark attanasio and all of the work he did all year i making this team what it was, for dale sveum for guiding the team through its darkest hours and for ned yost who had a huge hand in the season and without him we may never had gotten to the post season. The whole team was giving their all and worked extremely hard. Many people say that their is no way CC will be back next season (maybe the are right) but i really feel that he found something here when he got traded and that was family and what i mean by that is a family feel with you guys in the clubhouse and how milwaukee has one of the tightest clubhouse in the league and that on its own might be something he will look at and say “if i go the yankees or sox or tigers am i going to have that same bond with guys as i do in milwaukee?” i hope he is back next year since he really added a lot of excitement to the last half of the year. But who knows for sure and who knows who will be back the only guarantees that i see right know are you and jason kendall i have no idea what the off season will have in store but it will be exciting to watch. Now lets root on our buddy gabe gross and the Rays to the next round. till next year. Thanks Ryan and the 2008 wild card winner Milwaukee Brewers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Ryan,

I was so sad when the game ended at Miller Park today because now I will have to wait several months to see you guys play again. But I was absolutely thrilled that the team got as far as it did. I used to be happy just to see the Brewers win a game. Then it was great to see the team have a winning season. This year was fantastic because the Brewers actually made it to the playoffs and lasted longer than the Cubs! Next year will be even better I’m sure since there are so many talented and hard working guys on the team! So rest up and I hope that your rib and back problems will be all healed up for the start of the new season. Have a great Spring training and see you in a few months. I’m saving those boppers for the opening game against the Cubs!


Thanks for the amazing season. This year’s baseball season has been as monumental and memorable as this year will prove to be. With all the phenomenal things happening in our world this year, seeing the Crew pull us out of a 26 year drought (about which I was able to share in the celebrations) is something that I will speak passionately of for many many years to come.

I wish all you guys the best luck and fun during this off season. Enjoy yourselves. I look forward to seeing the Crew kick some major *** next year!


Before this year, I knew virtually nothing about baseball. Now I know so much from watching your games and talking about it with my friends and random people – I even managed to bring out the baseball fan in my dad!
Thank you for such a great year; thank you for making it a great year to learn about baseball and go see my first games; most of all, thank you for being classy, no matter the situation. The world needs more athletes like those on the Brew Crew – classy, fun, and you never give up.
Have a great off-season and enjoy your second winter in Milwaukee. Hopefully you’re not already sick (my body still isn’t used to not West Coast weather after two years).
Stay awesome, Ryan Braun.


Thank you so much for inspiring all of us. I fully enjoyed listening to almost all of the Brewer’s games on the radio. I also attended 25 games this year–and 5 of them were those exciting wins on Sept. 23, 24, 26, 28, and Oct. 4th. I got a group of 6 together to attend a 9-pack of weekend games plus Opening Day, and everyone in my group kept thanking me for organizing the game events. I think I’ll be able to expand to a group of 8 next year, maybe more.

The Brewers wins on Sunday, Sept. 28th and Saturday, Oct. 4th were probably the 2 most exciting games I’ve ever attended (with perhaps the exception of the 5 homeruns in inning 4 of the game on April 22, 2006, which was before you were on the team). I’m glad to hear that Sept. 28th is a key memory for you as well. With you set up with the Brewers for the next 6-7 years, I’m very hopeful that these types of exciting wins will become much of the norm for Milwaukee. I’ll defininitely keep tabs on personnel moves during the off season. Hope you have a pleasant and well deserved rest during the off-season. I’ll be there on Opening Day, April 10 with my group to cheer you and the Brewers on. GO BREWERS!!!

– Debbie in Milwaukee

What a wild year! It’s so awesome to be in Milwaukee – what other team can brag about being named after beer, play in a stadium named after beer, and have such fun mascots like Bernie and the Sausages! Even at the end, we are still in party mode because our season lasted one day longer than the Cubs! I attended more games this year that ever before and I’m totally geared up for next season!

Anyways, have a great off season. You did great this year and deserve some rest and fun times. Hopefully this Milwaukee winter won’t be as harsh as last years.
Take care of that cute little booty of yours and maybe I’ll see you around town (hey, I got a birthday coming up in November – nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

Ryan and the rest of the guys,

Thank you for a great year! I have been a Brewers fan for as long as I can remember.(I’m the same age as the team) This season was one of the most fun and exciting seasons I have experienced. I can not until next year. I thin we should all start a petition asking C.C. to give us one more year here in Milwaukee. I am sure he knows we all would love him to stay a Brewer, but maybe something on “paper” could be more influential. Well, have a great off season.

Thanks for a absolutely great season Ryan!! I was 3 the last time the Brewers were in the postseason, so this was an incredible thing to see for me personally. I will remember this as the best season I’ve ever seen, and I know there are more to come. My wife and I saved for 10 games this year, including NLDS game 4. For us, our best games came late in the season. The 9/25 game against Pittsburgh with your grand slam, and the season ender against the cubs, CC’s complete game, and your game winning HR. All in all, such a fantastic season, thank you for helping bring great baseball back to Milwaukee!!! Spring training can’t come fast enough…..it’s going to be a long, cold winter without the Crew to watch and cheer for almost every day. GO BREWERS!

Hi Ryan –

Thanks for a great year, as a die-hard Brewer and baseball fan this was enjoyable. I hope the Brewers are able to keep the core of our young players, and if we could get CC back, the Brewers would prove to be a legitimate contender again in 09.

Thanks for putting your all into having an amazing season. I cannot wait to see what you all can do next year!! Congratulations on making it as far as you did! Hopefully soon we will get to say MVP Ryan Braun!! Good luck next year!!

Hi Ryan. Just wanted to say thank you to you and your teammates for a wonderful season. What fun it has been to watch the Brewers for the last 2 years. I know the team will take this experience and use it to get farther next year–maybe to the World Series. It is great to be a fan of Wisconsin teams–Packers in the NFC championship game late last season and the Brewers in the playoffs in 2008. Have a fun and safe off season and we look forward to seeing you in Arizona in 2009. Your Green Bay Fans: Eric, Pam, Ashleigh, Aaron, and Ethan. PS if you and JJ come to a game at Lambeau, e-mail us. We’d love to tailgate with you.

First off, I want to thank you and the entire clubhouse for giving us a year that WE as fans will never forget. Since opening day, to watching highlights on sports center last night, it was phenomenal. No one said you guys would do it and I even had to argue with my dad a lot, but I knew you guys had the drive to get this year rolling.

This was the first year I was a REAL brewer fan, as in going to the games because I actually cared if we won not going just to knock back a few. So this was a wonderful year just watching all the great times from this year from a grand slam to diving catches to huge strike outs.

When the game finished on sunday night I started on my homework, looked at the brewer baseball bat a friend bought for me for my birthday (which is today) at the Sept. 28th game, I cried. Tears and everything, my dad called me right away because he is fishing in Oklahoma right now, and he said “i’m sorry hunny” and we just talked and talked about the highlights finally making him realize how important Brewer Baseball is to me, and getting this far was astonishing.


-Thank you so much for a wonderful season,

Thanks Ryan for such a great year. The past couple weeks have been some of the happiest and wildest of my life. I practically arranged my life around Brewer games and ran over to the closest restaurant everyday to catch you guys play. I drove up from Indiana University to see both games this weekend and I can say that I was not dissappointed. Saturday’s game was by far the greatest sports experience for me and Sunday’s game was a great time to remember what a magnifigant season it was. Thank you for being such a great role model for everyone. For being a class act and always handling yourself in a mature way. You mean a lot to Milwaukee and we could not be happier that you are going to be a Brewer for a long time. Enjoy your offseason, you guys deserve it.


Hey Ryan, I know they call you the Hebrew Hammer, but that nickname’s been used a few times before. Have you ever thought of changing it to “Shoeless Jew”? Haha. Just a thought.

The first day without Brewers baseball is finally bittersweet. I am so glad to see an outpouring of ‘thanks’ to yourself and your team for the incredible season you have given us this year. Sentiments of those around me (as I have the tendency to talk Brewers ball all day, every day..) have all been the same. A young team with so much talent and passion is hard not to rally behind; Milwaukee finally has something worth being excited over! And at 24 myself, I am overwhelmingly impressed with your ability to transform into the nucleus of a playoff caliber team with such calm and leadership.. all while having fun. You make it difficult not to be a fan.

This city could not love you more. Please visit us in the offseason! You are like a son/brother/nephew/cousin/boyfriend/husband to so many of us. And there’s always room for another member of the crew if ever you’d like to get to know some local ins and outs.To a healthy offseason.. Counting down to 09 already!angie

Awesome year, this was the first year that I actually watched baseball, and the Brewers have made me fall in love with it. Great Season and I can not wait until next year. Also do you read the comments people write, I have alway wondered if well known people do that. If so that is so awesome and I would like to say that you inspire many people and my little cousin loves you!!!


You all did amazing.There is no shame in your loss.You all went to the post season.You lasted longer than the fricken’ cubs.Enjoy your off season have fun not too much fun though.Save some for the fans and next post season.

Love you all,Sonya

Hey Ryan,

Thanks for the all the great memories this season. I’ve been to a lot of memorable games over the last few years, but the two games I’ll never forget are game three of the Pirates series when you hit the walk off grand slam, man I get the shivers just writing about it, and game four of the NLDS. I was only one year old back in ’82 so for me to finally have the opportunity to see some post season baseball was quite the experience. Keep your heads up Brew Crew and let’s see if we can’t make a run again next year.

Dear Ryan & the Rest of the Brewers,
Thank you for bringing so much joy and hope this year. You all have brought so many wonderful memories. You have every right to hold your head up high and be proud.
We as Brewers fans are extremely proud of you!
Enjoy the offseason and strive for 2009!
Braun’s Mom1

hey ryan,
this was an awesome season, could’ve made the clinching a little less heart pumping but i was there the day u guys clinched, your homer was the loudest ive EVER heard a stadium, see hopefully most of u next spring..

Ryan, I want to thank you and your teammates for giving the fans of Wisconsin one of the most wonderful seasons in Brewers history. This was a special year that will never be forgotten. I can’t tell you how exciting it was to see you hit the big homerun against the Cubs on the final day of the season. I am sure every child in America dreams of hitting a big homerun like that, and I am glad you are the one who had the chance to experience a moment so special. Congratulations on an awesome season and a great start to a wonderful career. Congratulations on the big contract too. Have a great offseason. We are all eagerly looking forward to 2009. GO BREWERS !!!!!

Words can’t describe how PROUD the fans are of you! You and your teammates brought an excitement back to Milwaukee baseball. How does it feel to have the state behind you? On behalf of all your fans, congratulations on a great season. We are blessed to have you staying around and hope wholeheartedly that the other players we have come to love stay too! Many fans wish we could control who stays and who goes, so we will watch in great anticipation during the off season. May your life continue to be blessed with great success, not just in baseball.
PS The fans need you to keep blogging so we know what’s really going on, it keeps us focused! Please we all love hearing from you J


First off, congratulations on a great season. I want to thank you and all the players for bringing exciting baseball back to Milwaukee.

I also want to give you major props for saluting Ned Yost during your post game interviews with FSN and ESPN. You’re a true class act. He was a big part of the success of this ball club in 2008.

Milwaukee WI

Ryan- I hope you know what a fan favorite you are in Brewtown. No doubt that GM Doug Melvin is going to build the team around you. You showed lots of guts playing in pain with your side injured the last month of the season. What great thrills you gave us the last week when we HAD to win – no one will forget the grand slam and homer against the Cubs on the last day. Keep up the great work and please keep the faith- 2009 will be even better- all we need is a good leadoff hitter and get CC to stay (no big deal, eh?) Enjoy some rest and God bless- Mike P


Outstanding season for you guys! Looking forward to watching as well as attending as many games as I can for the 2009 season whenever I happen to be back in town. Take care in the off season!

Tinian- Marianas Islands

Hey Brauny!
As a fan of the Brewers for many years-I can’t say enough about this year except THANK YOU! I was at opening day, my brother and I took my dad to a game on Father’s Day(sat right along the 3rd baseline), I went again on Sept 5th(watched the walk-off hit by Hardy at home) and I took my cousin to a game on the 23rd and we sat right behind the batter’s box! I got some great pictures of you guys (I’m a photographer in my spare time)! Then, I went to the game on Saturday-I had so much fun! The crowd was awesome oh and of course we won! After you had hit the GW grand slam my brother called me at 1030 that nite to let me know- he says “I wouldn’t call you unless it was good” well, I can’t repeat what I said on the phone and he was just laughing at me…I was just hoping not to wake my 5yr old niece sleeping next to me! Thank you Ryan, I was only 4 1/2 the last time the Brewers were in the playoffs and I’ve never had so much fun in all my life! You gave something back to Milwaukee, and I can’t thank you enough!

You rock! Enjoy the off season and I can’t wait to see you in spring-I’ll be celebrating my 31st bday watching you beat the CUBBIES!!!!

Brewers fan for life!


Ryan and the rest of the Brewers –

Thank you for making me and the rest of Wisconsin excited about baseball again. I haven’t been this obsessed since 1982. The games were constantly on the radio while I was driving, eating, watching muted TV. The only good thing about the season being over is that I’ll now have some time to do other things! But I am going to have a Uecker withdrawal…

I’m making plans for opening day, 2009…until then…

Kathy from MadTown


THANK YOU!! I love the Brewer’s thanks to my dad taking me to games from 2nd grade till I was in high school…I’m now 29. He has always loved baseball and even though he has 4 girls we went to games and loved the sport as much (if not more) than if he had 4 boys. I got to see Robin Yount, Paul Molitor, Jim Gantner and the rest of the crew on a weekly basis. I was even there for Robin Yount?s 3,000 hit and see Paul Molitor make history.

Last season was great, but this season topped it! You are a great team and I?m really glad we got to sign you for the long hall. You are my favorite player on the team and I sport your jersey with pride! Thank you for all your hard work this year. We are all proud of this team and happy we made it as far as we did. I can’t wait till next year!!

Go Brewers!!

Hey Ryan – I had such a great year watching you guys at all the games and on TV. We went to about 30 games this year and even drove to Cincinnati to watch the team play. Even though it has been tough at times it has been the best year of baseball I have seen in a long time because it was so exciting at the end. Win or lose – WE ARE THE BREWERS and it was fantastic watching you guys play your hearts out. I was at both playoff games this past weekend and I thought I might feel sad when it all came to an end on Sunday but I didn’t for some reason. I think because I know we will be back in the playoffs next year and now with the experience behind us, we know what to expect so we will make it all the way! GO BREWERS 🙂
Cathy from the other OC

Ryan and Brewers,

Congrats on making plan!

The boss wanted 90 wins and 3 million in attendance. That’s what he got.

Great job Crew!(and fans!)

I hope Mark wants a ring next year!


Ryan, I watch you on TV and really learn a lot about your mental toughness. No matter who’s on that mound, you have it in your mind that you are better than him and you’ll rip that ball and knock it’s threads right off. I appreciate that and it’s true that an athlete can be physically superiod, but the real differentiator is the mental toughness. You have it. Thanks for a good season and for being a good role model for many that watch you every day.

Matt B.
Madison, WI


My friends and I really enjoyed the season. It was a year to remember. It started with a chance to meet you and some of the other players at the Winter Warm up and carried over into a great season. I hope Mark and Doug are able to keep the core together for as long as possible. You guys are a lot of fun to watch play ball.
See you in the spring.
Jim L.
Racine, WI

Thanks for a great season! Shalom!

Ryan – Huge accomplishments by your team and you. Enjoy the off-season!


My family and I moved to Wisconsin from Seattle a couple of years ago. We enjoyed watching the Mariners back in 1999-2004. Watching the Brewers for the past couple of years has brought back alot of fond memories of going to games and watching a winning team! My son & I can’t wait until next year! Oh, by the way…..I fondly refer to you as my “other son”!
Go Brewers!

Help! I’m having Brewer baseball withdrawal pains! Can hardly wait for April to cure it.

Help! I’m experiencing Brewer baseball withdrawal pains. Can hardly wait for April!

Help!I’m experiencing Brewer baseball withdrawal pains!Can hardly wait for April!

hey ryan any chance of you coming back to california and play for the angels. there’s an opening spot in left field. maybe the angels could acquire you from trade. we need offense!

hey ryan any chance of you coming back to california and play for the angels. there’s an opening spot in left field. maybe the angels could acquire you from trade. we need offense!


I am a Cubs fan and you have become a thorn in my side. It is nature to root against division foes but I truly respect the quality player you are. I want to congratulate you and your teammates on a great season and accomplishing something the Cubs could not…… a playoff win. We’ll be seeing you next season.

Thanks for a great season and making a Brewer Fan proud because you are the real deal. I gave you the nickname 8-ball because you are money. I can always sense when you are about ready to hit one out of the park. It’s kind of like you have a connection with Bernie Brewer…”Keep hitting the dingers,” says Bernie! Bernie loves it. Also, I would like to give you props for a great defensive improvement. Keep up the good work! Believe it or not pitching and defense wins championships and it’s not always about the number of errors a person makes but more importantly the number of excellent plays you can make. All the little things make a difference. How did you like the play Chase made on the put out at home. Buster Olney had it all figured out, he said that although Chase Utley and Ryan Howard would make an error once and a while they would make up for it with a good defensive play. Please let your teammates now that they need to step it up a bit and concentrate on the little things like alert baserunning, more defensive effort, and patience at the plate and you guys will be just fine! See ya next year! GO BREWERS!

Ryan, thanks for being one of the angels in the outfield p.s. who knows what 2009 will bring milwaukee is happy to have you. ._.

Hey Ryan,
Congrats on a terrific season!! I was lucky enough to be at 15 of those games and 1 playoff game, and including the final game of the regular season against the cubs, AMAZING HOME RUN!! I even teared up at that game. This year was my first Brewer postseason experience and thank you for making it an unforgettable experience. I am a huge fan, and can’t wait till next season, and the many more to come! GO BREW CREW!!! 🙂

Ryan I went to 4 games this season and you hit a home run in 2 of them and 2 against the Cards the game Molina threw a fit and got ejected. I like when you showboat after Home runs , I know you get criticism for being Cocky but I love it…how long do you have to be in the League till you can admire every long ball the way Bonds and Man Ram do?


I just wanted to thank not just you but the entire 2008 Milwaukee Brewers team. I have never enjoyed baseball so much as I did this year. My brother and I have taken my dad to 2 games on Father’s Day and they were both winners-can’t wait to go again(hopefully)!!

I went to my 1st playoff game in 26yrs(I was only 4.5 the last time around) and watched Dave Bush pitch an amazing game.

I am counting down the days to O.D. 2009 and am hoping to get tix for the Saturday game to celebrate my birthday.

Thank you Ryan! You’re one awesome and very classy guy!

Phenomenal season Ryan, you and the Brew Crew did some very impressive things this year.

happy birthday ryan, couple days late, but happy birthday anyway!

That ru was great! come to my blog at cheeky.mlblogs.com
PLEASE I am a huge fan

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